Pet of the Month - Pure Bred Collies

Four pure bred collies are being rescued today by Katie Bautista, Menifee's representative for the Southland Collie Group, a collie rescue dedicated to keeping unwanted collies alive and well until permanent adopters can be found.

The four collies were dumped at Animal Friends of the Valley by a breeder, probably because the collies had a reached a certain age, and were too difficult to sell.

pure bred collies
Anyone with room in their home is sought to provide foster care for one of these collies. You'll only keep the dog temporarily until a permanent homes can be found for these beautiful pets. Even short term foster homes are sought.

Or, you can just adopt one or more.

Contact Katie Bautista at (951) 301-0591, or email at:

In 2007, Animal Friends of the Valley put to death 1,040 dogs, representing 22% of the total dogs they took in, after no one offered to adopt them.


  1. Are collies high energy, active dogs? How big do they get?

  2. They're about medium sized dogs. They're high energy and active, they were originally bred to be working dogs.

  3. Collies do have a high energy outside but inside they are usually quiet. Some have a tendensy to bark but I've been able to train mine to stop on command with positive re-enforcement. They have sighthound breeding in them so the have some of that personality. They are extremely sensitive like sighthounds but are very intellengent easy to housebreak and train.

    Hope this helps it breaks my heart to see homeless collies. They are such wonderful family dogs they just love children.