Antelope Square - Project Update

Many of you have been asking about the status of Antelope Square, a small retail development on the corner of Scott and Antelope roads.

This is technically in Murrieta, but right on the border with Menifee.

Here's the updated list of tenants...

First Bank
Jack in the Box
Modern Nails
Figaro's Pizza
Empire Cleaners

Other tenants will include...

national-chain fitness center (approx 10,000 sq ft)
chinese food
mexican food
postal store
dental office

They hope to have this fully opened in another 6-8 months.

I phoned someone at Lee & Associates to verify this.

Antelope Square Shopping Center

Click this map to see a larger size

You can read my previous article on this (dated Oct 15, 2007). Note that I had previously named this as "Antelope Plaza". It's going to be named, "Antelope Square".


  1. If they know it's a national chain fitness center how can they not know who it's going to be?

  2. From the Lee & Associates website (View Brochure) it looks like it is going to be Cardinal Fitness. Weird cuz they are currently only in the Chicago area.

  3. Thanks Matthew, they must have just added Cardinal Fitness to the brochure today. It wasn't there this morning when I called them.

    In response to the first commenter, many of these leasing managers are hesitant to name these tenants without making sure the tenants don't mind. The tenants don't want competition to take notice too soon.

  4. One statement:
    Overseas so not up to speed on devlopment in Menifee. Menifee 24/7 keeps me informed and glad to see my adsentee ballot count!
    Two questions:

    1. What is the progress on the shopping center at holland and newport?
    2. Any word on when the land at Antelope and Newport (N side) will be developed?
    Bonus: Any idea when we might see a COSTCO near Menifee?

  5. 1. Holland doesn't cross Newport. Which shopping center are you referring to?

    2. I'll check in on the Newport/Antelope shopping center.

    3. Costco is supposed to go into Menifee, off of Scott Rd and I-215. I don't have a date on this. I'll keep this in mind.

  6. Steve,

    Perhaps the poster meant Haun and Newport. Just a hunch. And to answer that person's question - the progress is coming along great. It's been very exciting the last few months to actually see some buildings going up. In fact, I think the only building that doesn't have ANY walls erected so far is the Lowes building, but there are materials in place on the foundation in preparation of construction.

    Hope this answers at least that part of your question.

  7. Keep in mind that all the shops south of Scott rd. are in Murrieta and the sales tax you pay for shopping there will go to improve that city. The shops on Newport are in Menifee and after Oct. 1 the money will stay here to improve our new city. I am not saying where to shop I just wanted you to be informed.

    The shops at Ethanac are all in Perris.

  8. The back of the brochure has a lot of area information. Does anyone know about the Winchester Hills development of close to 6000 houses?

  9. Bummer, no Greek food! :{

  10. I think we have enough Walgreens and Jack and the Box's already!

  11. This list seems to be the same-o, same-o stores, at least the same-o type, as the ones where the newer Albertson's is; are you speaking of the same plaza? I sure hope we get some better stores than the repetitious nails, postal, subshops ! Where are our good shopping stores! It would seem logical if the supposed self-beauty & care types, health, fitness, nails, etc would all group into the almost-emopty furniture row that will soon be an eyesore. How about turning it into a physical fitness row and beautyshop mecca? I just hate the thoughts of seeing more empty places of business out here.

  12. regarding Winchester Hills...

  13. I meant Haun not holland. I was in the right area. been awhile since i was home. Thanks for the update. What ever became of that steakhouse we were to get? Also not that drinking is a priority but has anyone heard of any sports like pubs coming to the area. the last one(s) i knew of were bobs pit stop (never been) and the one at the old driving range that i think is becoming houses now!

  14. why the same type of stores in every shopping center? Mail Store, Hair Cutting, pizza, 24 hr convenience store, etc. Look across the street and you have about the same thing.

    Would love to see something different. I probably will not go out of my way to visit this center with the same old thing going in.

  15. Cardinal Fitness? Lame. I swear it looks like an LA Fitness with that round tower front. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. Incredible! Nail salon, Jack in the box, bank, postal place, and Walgreens! Can the new city control some of this useless, redundant businesses. Doesn't this make 3 Jack in the Boxes in town, 3 Walmarts, and 33 nail salons? Hey, with all this a Super Walmart will fit right in...

  17. I agree with the other posters-same old thing-it would be nice to see some individual business-like the scrapbook store-go in. Those ladies are local and its a wonderful store! I hope to gosh the Walmart takes its time and we don't see the influx of non caring trash leaving people into the area. I live off Garbani and am insensed at the trashed left among the trees at Antelope road and the dumped things along the fields-people are disgusting. Interesting to see how they cover or fill the ditch along this development too---

  18. We go to Menifee Valley Athletic Club and like it quite well. What the heck is a Cardinal Fitness? Oh well, now I guess my big dilemma is which Jack in the Box to go to..the one on Antelope(Scott) or the one on Antelope(Newport). My wife and I were at a Lucille's BBQ in Brea last week and thought how cool that would be to have around here. Yee Haw.

  19. What a waste of land. Nothing useful really. AND, that intersection is so dangerous now, more traffic will just add tremendously to the problem, as well as idiots who run the yellow and red lights at Antelope and Scott. - -

  20. a neighbor told me that a hotel and gas station are going in on the north corner of antelope rd and newport rd. Please tell me that we're not going to have another gas station just across from our senior citizen community. We do not need a gas station on that corner. Why not put something like a Denny's restaurant or another one similar to that?