There's a new Sheriff in Town!

I know I've been wanting additional police presence here in Menifee, but this is not quite what I had in mind. The Easter Municipal Water District just added two new policies to its "water use efficiency ordiance". Yep, we got us some Water Police comin to town!

The first policy requires "water efficient landscaping" by builders in all the new home developments. The second policy basically allows EMWD to give you a ticket for letting water "runoff" your property. (Awww… and I had just dusted off my Slip N Slide!)

You'll get written warnings on the first and second times, but three strikes and your out… out a hundred bucks that is, on your next water bill. A $200 added fee onto your bill for the fourth violation, and a $300 fee for each violation thereafter.

What I want to know is, can we get some kind of runoff credit for having to live next door to the house with the dead grass that uses NO water? (See my article "No More Dead Grassroots Movement"

This new ordinance doesn't start until September, so all you little gutter splashers and puddle jumpers, have at it while you still can!

For more information check out this Valley news article:


  1. So let me get this straight... the economy sucks, gas and food prices are soaring and if I want to drive a clean car I now have to take it to a carwash and pay to have it cleaned instead of being able to do it myself?
    I pay for the water I use and the water that comes off of my property.
    Next are they going to limit the length of time I'm in the shower, the number of baths my kids take each week or how many dishes I wash at a time.


  2. I do not know if you have noticed but...WE LIVE IN THE DESERT! Anyone seen any rain lately. Yes, there was that one, maybe two but how many houses with beautiful, lush lawns can you have in a place that has no rain? Wake up people! Eventually, we all are going to have dead lawns because the water will run out. It is only a matter of time. And clean cars...ha ha ha! We'll be lucky to afford to drive them at all! Buckle down and make sure you have the roof and the food because the future looks dry!

  3. If water is in that short of supply, why are they building thousands upon thousands of new houses in this area?

  4. Gee, once I again I see that because SOME (most?) people fail to use common sense, wisdom and prudence, we ALL get punished and our freedoms continue to erode. Does ANYONE ELSE see a pattern here? Laws are SUPPOSED to exist to PROTECT the GOOD people from the BAD people, not restrict the GOOD people from living their lives by making their lives miserable. But because BAD people break laws continually, the laws have to be made more strict and carry heavier consequences to discourage the BAD people from breaking them. Those stricter laws also affect the GOOD people who now must change their otherwise good living to conform to the newer, stricter laws.

    Because SOME people didn't wear seatbelts and killed themselves in auto wrecks, there is now a LAW to MAKE everyone wear a seatbelt. A good idea to wear a seatbelt, but should there be a law? Doesn't common sense apply here? And, if a GOOD person forgets to put a seatbelt on, now he can become a law-breaker by ACCIDENT. Same principle with the helmet law, HOA CC&Rs, Cell Phone use, gun-control laws, etc etc...

    Law-breakers indirectly expand the control of government over all of us because the government has an obligation to control and punish them, and discourage others from doing the same.

    So, if I have a little trickle of water come off my property, (and I mean a TRICKLE!! Doesn't even spread 2 feet if it hits the road!) I can now be fined because my NEIGHBOR has had a FLIPPING RIVER running down his driveway every day for the past 2.5 years! Not to mention my HOA and the City of Canyon Lake, too by the way. I've seen Railroad Canyon soaking wet from the median sprinklers there.

  5. JeffM -

    I'm writing you in on the November Ballot.

  6. Water only at night. This way it will dry off before morning.

  7. I'll conserve water when they:
    1. stop building more houses
    2. all golf courses which use close to 1 million gallons of water per day, use only recycled water.
    3. All entrances to hotels housing tracts that have waterfalls,fountains discontinue their use (water is lost through evaporation).

  8. Just great! So are they going to pay me to go take my cars & trailer to the car wash??