The countdown begins: 30 days left!

Yes, the time is finally coming. Starting on July 1, your driving skills will no longer be hampered by the semi-permanent metal box that connects your hand to your ear. Yes, I mean the cell phone. The day of the Cyborg is almost upon us (aka "bluetooth").

But this is not to be taken lightly, like let's say... speed limits!

Your first ticket will cost you $20 and every ticket after that will cost you $50. (about a quarter tank of gas!) But be careful, according to the state DMV, these tickets will appear on your driving record.

Don't count on getting any warning tickets, there will be none according to state officials. People have had nearly 2 years to get accustomed to the idea since Gov. Schwarzenegger signed the bill in September 2006.

What you might not know is that also taking effect on July 1st is a law that will ban all drivers under that age of 18 from using any communications device, even with a headset.

So here are some key things to remember:

1. Under 18, just don't even think about it.

2. Being stopped at a red light or in bumper to bumper traffic DOES NOT allow you to use your phone, you are still "driving."

3. You CAN make an emergency call while driving. (And no, if your friend is having a "personal crisis" and must tell you all about it, it does not qualify) the call must be to an emergency service agency.

4. Tickets will appear on your driving record, but NOT as a violation point.

5. This law applies ONLY to drivers, not passengers.

6. You can be pulled over solely for the cell phone violation and nothing else.

7. As of now, the law does not prohibit texting or dialing.

8. You can use the speaker phone function on your phone.

source: DMV and CHP


  1. I see the problem with underage drives talking incessantly on their phones. But how will they police distinguish between an underage person on a headset and an 18+ person?

    I get sick of cell phone talkers not paying attention. That goes for all ages. This is a good law and I am glad to see it will be enforced here in this area too.