Student's mother killed in car crash outside Heritage High School

The Press-Enterprise

ROMOLAND - The students and staff of Heritage High School were still reeling Wednesday after a car wreck near the school's entrance Tuesday left one freshman volleyball player and her younger sister severely injured and their mother, a well-known school volunteer, dead.

Terri Keller was leaving Heritage High after picking up 14-year-old Alexis Keller from volleyball practice when their SUV was struck by a suspected drunken driver, authorities said. Keller was driving on Briggs Road through the busy intersection with Highway 74 about 5:20 p.m. when a Ford F-250 traveling east on Highway 74 ran a red light and broadsided them, a California Highway Patrol news release said.

Several students said they witnessed the crash, which some said sounded like a "bomb" or an "explosion," as they waited for rides home.

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If any one knows this family and they need help with anything please respond to this post.


  1. Go to the Heritage High School website, there you will find information on how to help the family.

  2. i think that people should not drink at all because our friends could be really injured our friends deserves to get alive now that amanda keller went to school on january 22,2009