Construction on Antelope and Craig near Holland

Many of you have been asking about the construction that is being done on Antelope Road and Craig, near Holland.

The work is being performed under contract for Christensen Ranch. They are currently working on installing a sewer line from Garbani Rd. to the project, with about 600 feet left to go (as of 5/14).

After that is completed they will begin putting in the storm drain. The estimated time left for the project is 10-12 weeks according to Bill Schmidt, the on site superintendent.


  1. FYI

    The grading on the corner of Holland and Antelope is also for another apartment complex. It will be three story structures containing 270 units and a club house. One existing subdivision will be between two large apartment complexes.

    It is crucial that voter turn out to vote Yes on Cityhood so that commercial and busines park land use designations along Antelope can remain by the efforts of the new City Council. By keeping the current land uses no more apartments will be allowed If Cityhood fails, Sun City/Menifee will be the dumping gound for new apartment complexes. complexes. Perris will not have to annex us because Sun City/Menifee will become Perris.


  2. I agree with you to a certain extent, but with new citihood, comes new federal regulations that REQUIRE a certain amount of "low-income housing" of which, apartments are the most popular.

    So I don't think citihood will get rid of apartments as much as some people hope.

  3. In response to the second comment,

    It is true that the new city will have to provide housing opportunities to all socioeconomic groupings. However, the city will be able to not allow large number of acreage of prime commercial and industrial designated properties be changed to land uses allowing for apartments. The city council must be responsive to the identified interest of the city citizens or these council members could be subject to recall. At this time, we only have one supervisor accountable to us. He is now accountable to 450,000+ and not 60,000.


  4. To add something to this (corner of antelope and Holland), before this topic was posted, I looked up on the riverside county website because I wanted to know what was going in on that land. The land was zoned for business but Riverside County ok'd the zone change so the apartments could be built. In the impact report it stated that the dirt field directly to the east is also zoned for high density (aka apartments or condos). I think that helped the builders get the ok for the zone change for the corner lot. So plan for it to be built someday. On a side note to the comment about Sun City and Menifee will become part of Perris. I agree that if we don’t become a city, the area will be divided. I think though that Sun City will be taken by Perris but I think Menifee will become Murrieta, with Newport becoming the border. I would like to think the people running Murrieta would be smart enough to fight for the land that the new "countryside market" is on. That mall will be a good source of income for who ever owns it.

  5. I think having to provide affordable housing to federal mandates is the least of the worries our new city would face. We have aging sun city resales, affordable new home sales and resales and the highest foreclosure rate in decades. A balanced city should have some decent apartment communities, especially since we have a Jr College Campus in town.
    A city could at least impact the pace at which they are built and the location.

  6. My fellow residents;

    I have anticipated the growth for our city and have been talking to the county about a freeway overpass, at the corner of LaPiedra and Antelope to relieve Newport once the shopping center opens. I also have contacted CAL Trans and the county for a new offramp between Scott and Newport, probably around Holland. These measures will relieve Newport traffic and should encourage business growth on the empty lots going towards Scott (on Antelope). We have a valuable resource in our community college to draw business to the area. I would personally like to see an expansion of the campus. As a city council member I would work with the college to make this reality. I have been speaking to our elected state leaders about our infrastructure projects, and the response has been very positive. I have assured them if the state invests in Menifee it will pay off ten times over.

  7. Dina,

    An overpass connecting Holland rd to both sides of the I-215 has been on the plans for a couple of years now. This is based on info I received from the now defunct Menifee Sun City Chamber of Commerce.

    Adding a second off-ramp for Garbani is unlikely. There will be a series of homes built by Pardee Homes located on the west side of the 215, at Garbani Rd. I don't Pardee will give up some land to accomodate this off ramp, and, I don't think residents there will approve of having high traffic volume running through their neighborhood.

  8. Steve,

    I have seen the data the county has for the overpass at Holland and the surrounding new home developments. Given our projected growth I felt necessary to look into determining the feasibility of another offramp and moving the overpass North to just behind the new shopping center. The county has been slow to respond and have seem concerned about the financial aspect of this idea. I would never dream of asking people to accept an exit from a busy freeway right onto a residential neighborhood. I have concerns about Newport traffic and want to find new innovative ways to solve issues. The county is supposed to get back to me on what exactly would be feasible but no official word yet. Any further questions or comments please contact me at, and I do check this Menifee 24/7 as well.

  9. Another thing to remember Dina, is that CalTrans will be widening the I-215 starting 2010 through Menifee, to create three lanes each direction.

  10. A bridge overpass only to connect Holland over the I-215 would be a great asset to all residents that are on the Eastern side of the I-215. It would also ease the congestion on the Newport Rd. bridge as well as the Scott Rd. bridge. I do not believe that any onramps or offramps from the I-215 onto Holland would be acceptable to anyone within the surrounding area and do not feel they would even be necessary considering the close proximity of the Newport Rd ramps.