Scott Road Widening Project

Found in the Press Enterprise today is this about Scott Road being widened east of the I-215...

Work is also under way to widen Scott Road between Antelope and Briggs roads, Perez said. Construction could start in two years to build an interchange at Scott and Interstate 215, he said. Scott runs between I-215 and Winchester just north of Murrieta.
One on hand, you could say that this is news.

On the other hand, they've been saying this exact same thing for the last four years.


  1. Scott Rd is currently being made into 4 lanes from Antelope to Briggs with 2 electric lights at Menifee & the street in front of the Revival Church with a possible signal at Briggs. Should be interesting to see 4 lanes become 2 especially trying to get over the freeway on Scott. If Caltrans widened the freeway bridge now, it would help with the Newport traffic especially when the new shopping center opens in a few months.