Romoland and Cityhood

Mottes Romola FarmsBill Gould, a trustee with the Romoland School District, founder of the Temecula Music Fest, past Board member of the Arts Council of Temecula Valley, President of Freedom of Music and Art, former member of the steering committee for the City of Temecula's "Youth Master Plan", and resident of Heritage Lake, wants to know why none of the candidates for Menifee city council has contacted him...

As a trustee for the Romoland School District I am surprised that none of the potential city council candidates have contacted me. All four of our district schools would be within the boundaries of the possible city. Aside from being a local voter within the proposed city who has an interest in his community, I am a trustee on the local elementary school board that would serve about 1/3rd of the possible City of Menifee.
He goes on to address his concerns. (click here)

Which brings up a point. Are any of the candidates for city council paying attention to Romoland?


  1. I spoke with Supervisor Stone's office and was informed that tonight’s meeting, at the Volunteer Fire Hall in Quail Valley, is a regularly scheduled MAC meeting not a candidate’s forum. Does anyone have different information?

  2. I believe that only candidates Dina Biedermann and Tom Furman will be speaking tonight as part of the QVMAC agenda. These two candidates have not yet had the opportunity to address the community in open forum like the other candidates did.

    In that regard, it is not another "Candidate Forum" per se. The QVMAC is simply giving equal air time.

  3. I'm a resident of the Country View Estates in Romoland (south of Watson, west of Palomar). Apart from one flyer for 1 candidate that i received in the mail, I haven't seen any campaigning for cityhood or candidates our neighborhood - no signs, no posters, no other flyers, no door to door contacts.
    I'm in favor of cityhood, but I'm wondering if the 19+ candidates (with 1 exception) are ignoring us during the campaign, will they continue to ignore us once we become a city?
    Just a thought.....

  4. Are there any community groups in Romoland that would host something? Instead of a forum you may want to try a meet and greet, perhaps at Hanshaw Farms. A few groups here in menifee concerned with Rural issues met last night at Wooden Nickel ranch for a casual BBQ and invited candidates to hear what they had to say instead of the other way around. It was GREAT!!!
    Historical Society spoke telling the candidates exactly what they are looking for from Cityhood. A group spoke about continuing the fight for trails throughout the city limits that actually link. It might be just what they need to come and listen to what Romoland residents need and expect for a YeS on Cityhood vote, and a fledgling council.