Which Came First: Sun City or Menifee?

Here's an interesting quote from the Press Enterprise today, regarding some folks in Sun City trying to stop the cityhood effort...

Another worry voiced at the meeting was that Sun City could lose its identity and history once cloaked with the name Menifee or Menifee Valley.

"Sun City was started in the '60s," Pica said. "They want to destroy that. They say, 'Oh you'll remember who you are,' but my grandkids and my great-grandkids won't."
The truth is that it was all named "Menifee" long before there was a Sun City.


  1. The truth is that it was all named "Menifee" long before there was a Sun City.

    No it wasn't. "Menifee is the name that the developer, John Lusk gave to what is called Menifee Lakes. This was one of the first "master planned" communities to come into the area called Menifee Valley. It was also called Antelope Valley and Paloma Valley. The name of Menifee came when Mr. Lusk wanted a zip code for his developement, and the name Menifee, and the post office made the whole area "Menifee". All of the area that includes Sun City,
    and the surrounding area is Menifee Valley.

  2. I believe there was a family named Menifee.

  3. You are thinking of Menifee Wilson. He was an early resident of the area along with Billy Newport. Read Betty Bouris' book on the early history of
    Menifee Valley. The Bouris family have been here for decades, and she has wonderful photos and background on the area.

  4. 1st comment:

    I don't know where you got that information, but it seems wrong.

    You should read the book that the person in the 3rd comment talked about.

  5. When I think of my grandparents I don't care where they lived, I care for who they were.

    If this guy is concerned about cityhood compromising his identity then he has deeper issues to deal with.

  6. This gentlemen, or woman, is under the mistaken impression that Sun City is for seniors only...False! This person probably voted against Measure M in the fall, resulting in the miserable situation with Valley Health System that currently exists. Open your eyes Sun City...you can have a say in your future and vote for cityhood, or you can be annexed by the lovely folks in Perris.
    Please wake up, Sun City. Cityhood will benefit all of us in the greater Menifee Valley!!!

  7. I opppose that named of "Menifee Valley" is UGLY name so keep named of "Menifee" is pretty name. Please vote for "Menifee" on June 3rd! If change named of "Menifee Valley" that will cost you more!!!

  8. I too agree that it should be kept as Menifee not Menifee Valley. It sounds ugly & it reminds me of Moreno Valley. So yes please vote for MENIFEE!!

  9. Hopefully, voters in great numbers will vote for cityhood. Please get your family, friends and neighbors to vote.

    CITYHOOD IN 2008!

  10. Disagree with the posters re the name "Menifee" as opposed to "Menifee Valley". What is has a prettier ring than the word "valley". Calling it Menifee alone would appear superior to the rest of the areas coming under the umbrella; lets play fair to incorporate the others and name it Menifee Valley; its what we become AFTER we assume our new name that builds our future reputation. After all, consider all the beauty that grows in the 'valleys'; it could serve well on our future promotional literature as we become proud of our homeplaces! Stop straining at the gnats on your way to swallowing the camel!

  11. "Menifee Valley" does roll off the tongue much nicer. Being a new resident, I must say that I really did like the name "Menifee" when moving here. It's different and can't quite pick out the origins. But I'll read up and find out more.


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