Menifee Union School District May Get Worse

The Press Enterprise reports that Menifee Union's budget may be in bigger trouble.

While the Governor reports that state spending on public schools won't be cut back nearly as much as he anticipated, by at least $1.3 million anyways, MUSD Assistant Superintendent Dan Wood says that the $2 million state grant they were counting on may not happen...

But should the district not receive the $2 million operational grant, rather than replacing services, the board may be forced to make more cuts, Wood said. A legislator recently proposed eliminating the program that would generate the $2 million grant for the Menifee district, he said.
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Meanwhile, the district is losing more students, causing yet more budget shortfalls.

I guess we'll at least have smaller classrooms, assuming teachers are not getting laid off.

And, we'll have more classrooms too, now that the district is building three more schools.


  1. Is the $2 million grant they are talking about, the one they expected to receive because they are on multi track?

  2. Yes, that's the grant they are talking about.

  3. Didn't the voters just pass a school bond to help Menifee Union District?

  4. Steve. All this DOOM talk is getting depressing.

    I guess the paper has to have something negative to quote or they can't sell papers.

    The bond can only be used for buildings not for services like books or paying people.

    It's Mr. Wood’s job to make sure the district is finically stable. He has to caution the board or he is not doing his job. However a caution is not a harbinger of doom. Its just that a caution. In fact as I have been saying all along all of these proposed cut are just that PROPOSED. We now see that the proposed cuts are already expected to be less than originally expected.

    If you would rather the board be overly cautious and not look at reinstating bussing I guess we can do that but I hope it’s not what most parents would support.

    Let’s be optimists rather than pessimists

  5. Fred, I'll give you credit for having a cooler head. I was there at the budget hearings last Winter.

    If state funding is based on actual enrollments, then theoretically it shouldn't matter that we're seeing a drop students. If funding is commensurate with the enrollment, why does a drop in students create budgeting problems?

  6. I did hear through the grapevine that MUSD is switching to traditional in January? No tsure why mid year but thats what I heard. Not confirmed - as we all know rumors fly.

  7. Questionaires just went out to parents regarding the switching to a "modified" traditional school year. I believe this isn't supposed to take effect until the 2009/2010 school year.

  8. What about those of us who have kids who will not be in the district for another year or two? Why don't we get a vote?

  9. Steve,

    The district gets operational funding based on the number of students enrolled in the district so for each student that leaves we loose about $6000. This doesn't hit till the next funding cycle but it hits us eventually. Unfortunately we can't just let teachers go mid year because we loose 32 students. Not all 32 students come from the same class. And people get real upset when you start laying people off as you may have noticed.

    Future Menifee Parent,

    Stop by the district office and pick up a survey. They don't have your address.

  10. I think it would be wonderful if the board brought back buses for next school year. It is a shame that some kids might have to walk over 5 miles ONE way to get to school

  11. Any idea when we will find out if we are really going to a modified traditional school year for 09/10? I think the surveys are due next week. It feels like it is a pretty good assumption that it will happen....???

  12. I enjoyed how the School District’s survey, to determine traditional schedule or not, is being conducted by an “independent agency” but you have to drop the survey off at your child’s school.
    I guess the District would like to review them before they are turned over to the “independent agency” for tabulation.
    Another fantastic job by those associated with the School District.

  13. You idiot! Having them dropped off at the school or the district saves postage and, therefore, $$$. The survey is anonymous. Who cares if a district employee reads a survey form before the consultant does? It is simply a survey to assess where the community is at.

    You though...let me guess... you've never even attended a school board meeting!

  14. The problem with the District’s honesty arouse when, at one of the 5 proposed boundary meetings that I attended, Dan Wood was asked whether or not Measure B was still necessary. He responded that at the time Measure B was constructed it looked like it was going to be necessary because of the growth that was occurring. He went onto to hint that it no longer appeared the District was going to need more space for the foreseeable future. Yet the District went ahead with selling $15+ million in bonds to build more schools. If the space is not needed, why support the bonds? The District is there to be the experts for us idiots.

    By the way, I only saw a couple of our board members at most of those meetings.

  15. I have heard that Linda Callaway, received a generous raise right before all the school budget cuts. I read in the Californian that Superintendent Linda Callaway earns the top pay in the district, $160,700 per year.

    I don't understand how this is justified. It seems the jobs that mean the most or work the hardest are the first to suffer. Teachers and Bus Drivers.

    In Menifee, the Bus Drivers are taking most of the cuts. So I guess they expect some kids to have to walk to school. Imagine your 1st grader walking seven miles to school!! I feel this is what some families are facing. It's not safe. Now tell me why isn't everybody sharing the load on these cuts???
    Like Superintendents, Department Managers, etc. Why give raises??? Just doesn't make sense?!?!

  16. To the above commenter, I was at the budget hearings and Linda Callaway volunteered for a cut in pay, but the school board members said it wasn't necessary.


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