Lost Dog

Pamala, who runs Menifee Valley Humane Society, says she lost her dog in the Menifee Lakes area...

I currently have a lost dog - if you can post it somehow that would be great! :)

Lost dog 5/22 from the Menifee Lakes area - female, black & tan miniature pinscher. PLEASE call 951-258-4667 with ANY info!
Give her a call if you think you found her dog.


  1. PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal, beloved pet of mine and she is lost as of 5/22. (I did not find a dog as the ad sounds) We live in Menifee Lakes and she got out of our yard during the thunder storms. We miss her terribly so if anyone has seen her running around or knows ANYTHING about her whereabouts, I would greatly appreciate a call or email!! :)
    951-258-4667 pamala@mvhumanesociety.org

  2. Thanks Steve for rewording the lost ad! She still hasn't made her way home so I hope someone has her and calls me very soon!