Bill Gould Announces City Council Picks

Bill Gould, a trustee on the Romoland School Board, publishes his picks for Menifee City Council...

All of the people I support agreed that it is important to work with the different school districts to provide services and support for the youth in our communities. They all agreed there is a need for open space, planned development and more sales tax generation through commercial development. It is for these reasons that I support the candidacies of Chris Thomas, Scott Mann, Darci Castillejos, Dean Deines, and Darcy Kuenzi for Menifee City Council.
He goes on to say that he supports the name "Menifee" instead of "Menifee Valley", and that he supports electing council members at large.

I just hope Bill did his homework.

Read the rest of his piece...


  1. Wow! I am glad my kids aren't in the Romoland school district. Has he done any homework on the candidates?

  2. I have done my homework on the candidates, 2 weeks of speaking with people on the phone, meeting in person and reading all about them via voter guides, candidate fund raising disclosures and various other informative pieces, like this website and others. I stand by my picks as the ones, in my humble opinion, that would lead the city to a great future. They bring a wide array of experiences and backgrounds to the table, while not all being on the same page as to have a one sided council. If you have any questions as to why, read my website or just contact me. My info is on my website!

  3. To the previous person
    If you had read the article on Bill Gould's website you would see that he has indeed done his homework! He said that he has taken the time to research the canidates and to talk to them personally. Sounds like he has chosen a good mix of very experienced people.

  4. All that matters is that each of us make an informed decision, thanks for chiming in Bill!

  5. I have to believe Mr. Gould is in the minority with his picks for City Council members. Everyone that has done any research on a “number” of his picks has come away with a completely different opinion. To back this statement up, please refer to any number of posts on this website along with the “blogtalkradio” sessions.

  6. Mr. Gould, Why do you think Darci Kuenzi has not attended one candidate’s forum?
    In my opinion she does not want to be put in front of those in the community that are taking the time to get informed on the candidates. I find it amazing that someone who claims to be knowledgeable about the candidates doesn’t see how she, among others on your list, is pursing votes.

  7. Hello All,

    Having never met Darcy K before last Tuesday, when we sat down I found her to be intelligent, knowledgeable and we agreed on points that were important to me as a voter, and she was open to working with the school districts to create a plan for our communities youth, as were my other picks. I think she will be able to help lead our city rather well. I would say my endorsements are rather well rounded. They are not all for or against the same thing, it would create a balance.

    Bill Gould

  8. I read Mr. Gould's message on his website and I don't believe he did all of his homework. He states he met with and spoke with SOME of the candidates. I would like to know who he spoke with and why he did not speak with all of them?

    I also find it interesting that Steve did not post the quote about why Mr. Gould is supporting electing council members at large instead of via district. He brings up valid points for why he feels this way and it is unfortunate that those who don't visit the link will not here his arguments for 'at large' voting.

  9. Hello,

    I spoke with the candidates who contacted me and who responded to my emails. Unfortunately a few of them did not respond and as people running for office the burden is on them to get out their message. I accepted that same burden when I ran for School Board and I responded to every email no matter how late at night or if it took me a week to get to it because of my work. I also paid close attention to the campaign contributions, the vote guide statements and read all the sites, newspapers and blogs I could. I made a choice based on what seemed right to me and my concerns for the community. The beauty of this great country is our ablility to have differing thoughts and the voice our own at the polls. I encourage everyone within the future city limits to do just that.

    If you have any further questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me at and I will get back to you. Many thanks to Steve for having this page for Menifee!



  10. I would like to present the following article from the League of CA Cities newsletter.

    Two items that stand out are the elimination of renter protection and the elimination of rent control in Proposition 98. These items are very critical to our Community. I encourage everyone to become familiar with these propositions so we can make informed decisions.

    Thank you.

    Jason Roth
    Write-in Candidate for City Council

    Nearly Every California Newspaper Opposes Prop. 98
    Leading organizations and nearly every California newspaper have come out against Proposition 98, the deceptive initiative on the June 3 ballot. As of the printing of this issue of Priority Focus, more than 50 newspaper editorial boards have urged readers to vote NO on Prop. 98. The proposition exposes local land use decisions to endless litigation, eliminates renter protections and rent control, guts environmental protections and jeopardizes the state’s ability to rebuild aging infrastructure.
    The League of California Cities also strongly opposes Prop. 98.

    Editorials against Prop. 98 point out how supporters of the measure are using eminent domain as a Trojan Horse to mask its real agenda, and warn readers about the devastating impact this measure would have on the residents of California and the state itself.

    Proposition 99 Offers Voters Responsible Eminent Domain Reform

    Many of the papers who have opposed Prop. 98 are supporting Proposition 99, the Homeowners Protection Act, which is also slated for the June 2008 ballot. This measure offers true eminent domain reform by prohibiting the government from using eminent domain to take a home to transfer to a private developer. Prop. 99 is supported by a broad coalition of homeowners, businesses, labor groups, cities, counties and environmentalists. It contains no hidden provisions. The League strongly supports Prop. 99.

  11. This whole endorsement makes me wonder. If he endorses Darcy Kuenzi, who we know to be in the developer's pocket, then the other on his list are just as ridiculous.

    I don't know this Bill Gould, but if this is how he conducts business, he needs to be investigated.

  12. Rebecca KroenckeMay 28, 2008 4:18 PM

    Of the twenty-two candidates running for Menifee City Council I have narrowed my selection to Darcy Kuenzi, Dean Deines, Scott Mann, and Darci Castillejos. I have known Darcy Kuenzi for several years and I appreciate her knowledge and expertise in government, as she is a legislative aide to County Supervisor Marion Ashley. I like how she wants to use her knowledge to serve the future incorporated city. She is not interested in city government as a stepping-stone for higher political aspirations and she is certainly not using it for self-serving means. I invited all four candidates over to meet our neighbors last week and was impressed with the others' knowledge and experience, as well. I believe Darcy Kuenzi, Dean Deines, Scott Mann, and Darci Castillejos would serve us well as we write a new chapter in this area's history.

  13. mr gould needs to be investigated for endorsing canidates? what are you, the local communist party leader? the man can endorse who he wants - its a free country for gods sake!

  14. Rebecca,

    Darcy Kuenzi has wanted to be city council for approximately 10 years. She's not self serving? She is in the developer's girl. She is not a nice person. She will destroy you or anyone who gets in her way. NO! Voting for Darcy Kuenzi is the worst thing for our new city! Just the thought of Darcy Kuenzi and Jerry Stamper are enough to make me vote NO on City Hood. How do you spell corrupt? D-A-R-C-Y K. and J-E-R-R-Y S. Don't bring the developers in.

  15. Wasn't Bill Gould the one who was in Jail when he was elected?

  16. Let me clear this up real quick - No, I was not and never have been in jail. Visit for more info on Randy Hale, the person you are referring to.

    Thank You,

    Bill Gould

  17. I want candidates to represent ME the voter NOT special interests or developers! Developers are mostly responsible for the big traffic problems, lack of parks, over crowding in schools, lack of commercial/businesses...We want a City Council who are not bought off by developers. However, Mr Gould picked the BIGGEST developer getter "Darcy Kuenzi". Dean Deines & Darcy Castillejos also have some of the SAME big DEVELOPER contributions. Now that is one sided Mr Gould and surely NOT in Menifee's best interests!!

  18. Represent 'Me'? Here is representing 'Me' for you...

    I Googled 'Wallace Wayne Edgerton' and his previous Campaign Disclosure Statements from his Long Beach City Council days popped up (CA Form 460). It appears that he last served in 1992 having disclosed that he lost re-election in 1992. On that same disclosure, it was claimed that there was $739 and some change in the bank. No big deal right? Well...

    It appears from his campaign disclosure statements filed 12 YEARS LATER (2004) that his wife, presumably JUDITH LEE EDGERTON, is listed as his Treasurer on the disclosure period 1/1/04 to 6/30/04. Then, on a subsequent filing for the period 7/1/04 to 12/31/04, he disclosed on Schedule H of that same form that he PAID PROFESSIONAL SERVICES to Judith Lee Edgerton AS TREASURER in the amounts of $300.00 and $369.39. In the same filing, he disclosed that he made a loan to ALLY A. EDGERTON of Gold Canyon Arizona for a couple hundred dollars.

    Question... Why, after 12 years, would a former city council member liquidate nearly a thousand dollars out of his campaign account paying his wife money "for professional accounting services as treasurer" and making a loan to another relative 12 YEARS AFTER HE LOST HIS LAST ELECTION IN 1992?

    I guess Mr. Edgerton thought that enough time had passed by and no one would notice or pick up on it in the sleepy town of Menifee!

  19. I oppose that named of "Menifee Valley" is UGLY name so Keep "Menifee" is pretty name. Please vote for "Menifee" on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 if change name of "Menifee Valley" that will cost you more!!!