Iraq Veteran Welcomed Home

Saturday afternoon, around 2 p.m., I made a left onto Newport Road from La Ladera to head to my In-Laws house. Driving past Murrieta road, I glanced over to the other side of the street and noticed a congregation of people on the corner holding up signs and American flags. Then I remembered why they were there. Pvt. Jesus De La Cruz was going to be welcomed home from Iraq. Ashamed at myself that I had forgotten, I realized what a stroke of luck it was that I was still able to witness the support for Pvt. De La Cruz. Although the only thing I could add was honking my horn while he passed by, I still felt satisfied that he was able to see that we all care about the men and women that sacrifice so much for our country.

After he drove by, I couldn't help but feel proud that our community came together to show support for what Pvt. Jesus De La Cruz stands for. We can't forget that there are so many sons, daughters, husbands, and wives still over there fighting for a cause. It made me feel even better that this convoy was actually a surprise for him.

I know that the few minutes where everyone came together to wave at him and hold up signs may not fill the void of the sacrifice he made, it has at least shown him how much we appreciate him.


  1. As a Vietnam War Veteran, I came home to people throwing things at me, called me a baby killer, and people spitting at me, and even wanting to fight me. This was inside the airport, before I even got out of the terminal building. There was no such thing back then known as a "Welcome Home Party," except by friends and family. Yes, the Vietnam War was different, and America was split on reasons we were even in Vietnam. The Military won their battles, politics cost us the war. What a shame.
    Let's hear it for the American people who support military personnel coming home from war, such as the welcome home to Private De La Cruz. He deserves that recognition, as do all are Military people, both those who have returned, and those still fighting for freedom.
    Unless you have been to war, there is no way a person can understand what goes on.
    Please support our troops.


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