City Council Candidate Contributions

Below I listed out the sources of campaign funding for the city council candidates.

I obtained the campaign finance disclosure forms by visiting the Registrar of Voters last Friday (May 23). May 22 was the deadline to file such reports. At the time, the Registrar had forms for about half of the candidates. They said the reports only had to be postmarked by May 22, and therefore, if I returned at a later date, they might have more.

So I went back there today (May 27). They only had a handful of additional forms. I'm still missing forms from Tony Amatulli, Gerald Walker, and Fred Twyman. Other candidates submitted forms with no finance disclosure data, I'm not sure if that means they have no money at all, or what.

In the listing below, I chose to leave out the names of retirees and relatives, feeling there was no need to publicize them. To me, a relative was someone with the same name. Otherwise, everyone else I included.

So here is the info...

Dorothy Wolons (from March 18 to May 17)
* Contrubutions received: $1,067
* Personal loans: $800
* Adam Eventov, Temecula, Communications, $20.00
* Michael Stout, Sun City, Realtor, $100.00
* The Orchard, Event Coordinator, $30.00
* Monty Morshed, Public Works Engineer, $50.00
* Money Matters, Judy Handwerker, $25.00
* Essec Inc., Menifee, $15.00
* Hamshaw Farms, fundraiser, $347.00

Anthony Cuomo (from January 1 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $25.00
* Personal loans: $2,025.00
* Eric Madrid, Menifee, Physician, $25.00

John Denver (from March 18 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $2,453.93
* Personal loans: $2,000.00
* Gary Johnson, Manager, Granite Quarry, $100.00
* Aaron Knox, CEO, Southern California Compact, $250.00
* Floyd Peterson, Agent, State Farm Insurance, $100.00
* Jerry Voukelatos, Developer, Olive Tree Properties, $1,000.00

Wallace Edgerton (March 24 to May 22)
* Contributions received: $0.00
* Personal loans: $3,000.00

Jason Reeves (March 18 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $25.00
* Personal loans: $1,530.23
* Maureen Petty, Menifee, Inland Valley Medical Center, $25.00

Dean Deines (March 18 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $6,078.00
* Personal loans: $0.00
* Kevin Wolf, Riverside, Consultant, Germania Corp, $2,500.00
* Pacwest Group Inc, Murrieta, $250.00
* Rancon Group, Murrieta, $250.00
* Linnea Zarate, Moreno Valley, Regional Office Manager, PSOMAS, $10.00
* Albert A. Webb Associates, Riverside, $1,000.00
* PSOMAS, Riverside, $1,000.00
* Ellie Bennett, Riverside, COO Riverside County Reg. Medical Center, $200.00
* ARCO Travel Zone Center, Perris, $500.00

Darcy Kuenzi (March 18 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $16,650.00
* Wintec Energy, Palm Springs, $2,800.00
* LIUNA Local 77, Los Angeles, $1,000.00
* Southern California Edison, Romoland, $250.00
* Joe Daugherty, Joe Daugherty Tax Services, $100.00
* Tim Lynch, Ontario, VP General Outdoor Advertising, $500.00
* Robertson's Ready Mix, Corona, $1,000.00
* Olive Tree Properties, Santa Ana, $2,500.00
* Rick Hoffman, Hemet, VP Germania Corp, $100.00
* Germania Corporation, Riverside, $2,500.00
* Pacwest Group, Murrieta, $250.00
* Cindy Domenigoni, Domenigoni Farms, $250.00
* Urban Logic Consultants, Temecula, $1,000.00
* Lewis Investment Company, Upland, $1,000.00
* Matthew Fagan, Temecula, $150.00
* Building Industry Association, Diamond Bar, $1,000.00
* TrolConco, San Diego, $500.00
* Keenan Thomas Communications, Mission Viejo, $150.00
* Committee to Elect Paul C. McDonnell Jr., $1,500.00

Scott Mann (March 18 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $2,300.00
* Personal loans: $3,800.00
* Ron Shane, Oro Valley, $500.00
* Alan Meacham, Sun City, $200.00
* Jay Bush, Tomball, TX, $200.00
* Keenan & Associates, Torrance, $1,000.00

Darci Castillejos (March 18 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $2,819.00
* Personal loans: $0.00
* Vickie Carpenter, Menifee, Realtor, Coldwell Banker, $100.00
* Darcy Kuenzi, Menifee, Legislative Assistant to Marion Ashley, $100.00
* Dan Marcon, Menifee, Realtor, Macala Realty, $100.00
* Sam Yoo, Temecula, Civil Engineer, Ranpac, $150.00
* David Peters, Sun City, Superintendent, Tilden Coil Construction, $100.00
* Ursula Garrett, Sun City, CPA, Garrett & Assoc., $100.00
* Joe Daugherty, Menifee, Joe Daugherty Tax Preparation, $100.00
* Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, Temecula, Law Firm, $500.00
* The Orchard, Menifee, Outdoor Events, $150.00
* Waste Management, Sacramento, $50.00
* Joan Sparkman, Murrieta, Board Member Mt San Jacinto College, $100.00
* Southern California Compact, Moreno Valley, PAC, $250.00
* Kevin Wolf, Riverside, Consultant, Germania Corp., $500.00

Chris Thomas (Jan 1 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $1,910.00
* Gifts received: $310.00
* Personal loans: $1,702.00
* Randy Williams, Economic Development Manager, City of San Jacinto, $400.00
* Wealth Solutions Group, Elk Grove, CA, 1,000.00
* Josh Bigalow, Menifee, Manager, Miles Presentation, $20.00
* David Draper, Menifee, Manager, Mission Pools, $50.00
* Luke Germandt, Menifee, Acai Health Foods, $100.00
* Jason Hyde, Menifee, Sales, Electronic Components, $100.00
* Lorinda Warren, Menifee, Warren Appraiser, $75.00
* Randy Williams, City of San Jacinto, $310.00 in signs, banners, graphics

Dina Biedermann (March 17 to April 17)
Contributions received: $0.00
Personal loans: $0.00

Jerry Stamper (Jan 1 to May 17)
* Contributions received: $8,190.00
* Gifts received: $1,440.00
* Personal loans: $6,476.59
* Avalon Management, Canyon Lake, $5,190.00
* CR&R Incorporated, Stanton, $2,500.00
* Evans Brown Mortuary, Sun City, $500.00
* Rancon Group, Murrieta, $250.00
* Mark Bishop, Canyon Lake, Rancon Group, $100.00

The Registrar of Voters said they did not have filings on the following candidates as of May 27, 2008...

Sue Kristjansson
Jason Roth
Tony Amatulli
Gerald Walker
Thomas Fuhrman
Ken Gaunt
Marc Miller
Louis Mazei
Fred Twyman


  1. I believe if you don't spend over $1,000 you do not need to disclose.

  2. ...nor does a candidate need to disclose contributions of less than $100 by name...

  3. From March 18-May 17, I spent $512out of my own personal funds. Signs costs were $331.41 and printing costs were $180.59. The total costs of my campaign for City Council is $512.

    I have hand delivered my brochures and fliers to more than $1300 homes and called more than 150 homes as part of a phone bank.

    Louis G. Mazei, Candidate for City Council

  4. THANK YOU 24/7 for publishing these. Pretty revealing who developers and realtors have in their pockets. I'll use this list to pick my ones for council; bank it won't be ANYONE receiving money from ANYONE who could use them to get project votes for 'favor owed'lists. Lets just hope we don't get a group thats in cohoots to take over the voting majority on future council agendas; as seen in many of the area boards. My favorites at this time are EDGERTON and CUOMO; pretty obvious these men are independent and wise thinkers on behalf of the people. Beware of the publicity-driven ones with all the signs and harrassing phone calls; they're operating on 'bought' status with money. Some of the websites sound as if they're vying for 'angel of the year' awards. YUK!

  5. People to avoid...
    John Denver
    Darcy Kuenzi
    Jerry Stamper
    Tony Amatulli
    Dorothy Wolons

    Save the New City from Developers and Special Interest Groups...
    Do NOT select the above candidates. They have hidden agendas.

  6. To the Edgerton and Cumo supporter on the previous post - Don't vote...please!

    Your logic about these candidates is skewed. Wait...thats not completely fair on my part... I too think Edgerton brings a unique quality and experience to the table. Although he is not my choice he would do less harm than others (after all...this is NOT Long Beach or Long Island...this is Menifee).

    But Cumo...? Why on God's green earth would I, or anyone for that matter, want a New York City Union Rep and Political Hack on my city council in Menifee? This is not Tammany Hall for cryin' out loud!

    I'm tired of him stating that the 'government of Menifee', presumably the new city council, should bail his neighborhood out of a natural down turn in the business cycle. Readers... it is NOT the duty of government to bail out every single person who overextends themselves financially.

    This is NOT New York City...Cumo - Go back to the Boroughs!

  7. Pretty revealing indeed. thank you 25/7. So Stamper got money from Rancon itself and also from Mark Bishop, who is the Rancon Realtor Stamper put in charge of finding a leasee for the Menifee Lakes Information Center; their building on the lake. Bishop did find a leasee, for which I'm sure he was paid, so now he has bought himself more favors from stamper.

  8. Stay away from big DEVELOPER bought candidates. We need candidates with background and experience. Edgerton (conservative and on previous council), Chris Thomas (CPA), Ken Gaunt (former County Board Supervisor who has not raised one dime of fund raising), Fred Twyman who has already served our community well, and Louis Mazei who has city planning background but as he listed here has only spent HIS money.

  9. Of your list, I would only consider voting for two. That would be Edgerton and possibly Thomas. I am definitely voting for Mann, Deines and Edgerton.

    So, four of my five would be:

    Edgerton, Mann, Deines and possibly Thomas. I remain undecided on my number 5. Maybe Castillejos or even write-in candidate Kristjannson.

    That would provide a well balanced council!

  10. After seeing this list... A NO VOTE for any candidates that received big contributions from developers!!

  11. So you don't want someone from Long Beach or New York City eh? Well if you're after ONLY locals who for years have operated as the good old original crowd to run your new city, plan to stay with your spitoons and snuff, carving a block of wood on the courthouse steps and jawin' about them thar new peeples who are out here 'tryin to take over'. Your hardhearted comment about unfortunate ones losing their homes makes me shudder. Don't ever lose sight of the "there but for the Grace of God go I". Its a fact that skidrow is full of people who at one time 'had it all'. Yes, I'm going to vote for whom I please.

  12. This is Sue Kristjansson, write-in Candidate and I want to address a couple of things that I have seen throughout this blog. First of all, whoever posted that candidates who spend less than $1000 do not have to provide a disclosure is correct. However, in the interest of fairness, I am going to list what I have spent on this campaign: flyers $450, signs $247, and business cards and printer ink $64.65 for a grand total of $761.65

    I have received offers for financial contributions from personal friends but have declined those offers. I am a write-in candidate and as such, a long-shot. I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking money from friends (in these economic times) with so little certainty of victory. Having said that, I am not opposed to candidates accepting contributions as this is an expensive proposition. The issue with contributions is whether or not that candidate will be able to resist future pressures from the contributors as some sort of pay back for their support. Now, there is no true way for you to ascertain personal motivations so you have to use your judgment and research all of the candidates to get a feel for who you believe will best represent you in this community.

    As I said earlier, I am a write-in candidate and a long-shot. However, I feel that I am an excellent choice for our first city council because I have the experience, education, drive, and sense of moral and ethical conduct needed to launch our great community. I am also not your typical politician type – I am old school and believe that a politician is someone who acts as a conduit for the residents of the community. If I am not among the elected, I will still maintain a significant involvement in our new city by way of committees and I hope that a great five people are elected who are willing to accept the offers of help from people like me. I want to contribute to the place where my son and I live and plan to live for years to come. Please write my name in on your ballot on June 3rd, right below where you will vote to approve cityhood. I will not disappoint as one of your first council members. Sue Kristjansson