Canyon Lake Gets Tough on Seatbelt Violations

Canyon Lake Gets Tough on Seatbelt ViolationsWatch out as you drive down Railroad Canyon Road the next few weeks.

The Canyon Lake Police Department announced yesterday that beginning this Monday, May 12, through Sunday, June 1, they're going to look carefully for drivers not wearing their seatbelts.

Sergeant Todd Kelly, of the Riverside County Sheriff Department, whom the City of Canyon Lake contracts with, says there will be no warnings issued, everyone will get ticketed...

"We want to make sure that all drivers and passengers buckle up on every ride, day and night. Our officers will be on the lookout for those who are not buckled up and for teens and children not riding while properly restrained. We will not accept excuses or give warnings. It's Click It or Ticket."
Tickets for first seat belt violations range from $80 to $91 for adults and $330 to $401 for children under age 16.


  1. GOOD FOR THEM! Anyone not wearing a seatbelt is just stupid. I hope they also crack down on people who don't have their kids in carseats, they are beyond stupid!

  2. This is actually happening statewide with all police departments. It's part of the "Click-It or Ticket" program. So cops throughout the state will be watching for you if you're not wearing your seatbelt.