Quail Valley & Menifee Cityhood

There are some folks in Menifee and Sun City who argue that one reason they are opposed to cityhood is because the current proposal includes Quail Valley.

In other words, they don't want Quail Valley included.

The reason why Quail Valley MUST be included is because the LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) demands that any cityhood or annexation attempt cannot create any "islanded" portions of unincorporated land. LAFCO is the organization that oversees all cityhood and annexation efforts.

In other words, if Menifee and Sun City incorporated without Quail Valley, then Quail Valley would turn into an unincorporated island, cut off from the rest of the unincorporated areas.

What it all boils down to, is that we have to include Quail Valley if we want Menifee-Sun City to incorporate. It's impossible to incorporate without Quail Valley.


  1. I believe that Quail Valley has been part of the Unincorporated City (UC) boundaries of Sun City/Menifee Valley since at least 1997. Riverside County Local Formation Commission indeed insisted that no county islands are created throughout Riverside County. If I am wrong about Quail Valley being a part of Menifee Valley/Sun City UC since 1997,please correct me.

    Of course, the "No Birds to incorporation" are chirping that rest of Menifee Valley will have to pay for Quail Valley sewer system and other horror stories. Are other areas in Menifee Valley paying now for any of Quail Valley services at this time? The response is no! The same situation will be the same with Quail Valley when incorporation occurs. Remember Quail Valley has its own Redevelopment Area with tax increment money from its base tax year. This increment money is being used to pay for improvements within Quail Valley. One can go to Riverside County Redevelopment Agency to read for themselves of the redevelopment plans for Quail Valley.

    The City of Menifee Valley will continue the redevelopment designation, community service area, etc. Additionally, Riverside County LAFCO requires a condition of incorporation that the City of Menifee Valley adopt all County's rules, regulations and plans as a first act when the city becomes operational. The City then can replace each rule, regulation, and plan with its own. This process can take years.

    If incorporation does falter, Quail Valley could end being under City of Perris jurisdiction, if that city wishes. This city could annex portions of Quail Valley in years to come.

    Additionally, the development of Audie Murphy Ranch at the west end of Quail Valley and the other large 459 housing development within Quail Valley will change the characteristic of Quail Valley whether or not incorporation of Menifee Valley occurs.

    Yes, the adjoinging of Quail Valley to rest of Menifee Valley is a short gun marriage arrangement fostered by Riverside County more than 10 years ago.