Schedule to begin Goetz bridge construction revised again..

Developers for the Audie Murphy Ranch project have again had to revise the date to begin construction of the bridge on Goetz Rd., moving it ...

Developers for the Audie Murphy Ranch project have again had to revise the date to begin construction of the bridge on Goetz Rd., moving it out to the beginning of June at the earliest because of requirements by a local water utility.
According to Dennis Chapman of Brookfield Homes, one of the two developers behind the project, the latest delay is the result of a requirement to relocate two Eastern Municipal Water District reclaimed water lines.The lines are constructed of a special material and, unfortunately, the turn-around time for delivery is about three months out, says Dennis.
The requirement came near the end of the approval process, catching developers somewhat by surprise. Dennis explains that, before any other work can take place, the lines must first be relocated; so the decision to postpone the work until June was made.
It is estimated that Goetz Rd. will be impacted for approximately one year while the road is widened to four lanes and a bridge is constructed to help alleviate flooding. Dennis indicated that as part of their permit approval, the County of Riverside also required them to submit a construction timetable, with financial penalties assessed for delays in completing the work as scheduled.
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  1. Thanks Holly for this however it is vague regarding details. Could someone please draw a map, post a map, or give exact points at which this bridge will be built and what roads it will affect. I really don't care when it starts. I NEED to know how it will affect my commute and how to get around it. I have posted many times asking for details related to this and the realignment and there is NEVER a reply.... This construction will affect a thousand??? people at least. You have NO IDEA the impact this construction will have. Remember, there is a school opening July 1 in Quail Valley and noone wants to go Ethanac to that school! Help us out here please.

  2. What I have heard is this.If you need to get to Railroad Canyon Road from say, Stater Bros. you will be able to, once the new Newport Road is open,from the new intersection at Berea Road.If you live in Quail Valley, Goetz Road will be closed going South at Newport Road. So if you live in Quail Valley you won't have an easy route to Canyon Lake or the 15Fwy. via Railroad Canyon Road. The old Newport Road will still be open to traffic going to Quail Valley.

  3. Do you know how close they are to opening the new Newport Road at Berea? It still seems a long way off. Hopefully it will open before the closure in June. Thanks for the information. My family travels through Canyon Lake to the 15fwy five days a week so this is good news.

  4. The opening of Newport Road is a question that has been asked for about 5 months now and no one seems able to answer it. Where is this Berea road? What about the La Ladera intersection. Will that take us to Railroad Canyon when Newport re-opens? Again, a map of the projected finish would answer A Lot of questions.

  5. Those of us who live in Quail Valley, (the ones who care anyway) have been keeping tabs on this for almost a year when we first heard that Goetz Rd would be closed for over a year (yes, over a year, based on the original date of June 2007 for completion of the whole project! No one really believed that anyway, right?). Anyone who drives Newport Rd can see that La Ladera will not be the connector to Quail Valley, though this would have made sense, there's already a light there. Berea is the road east of there where the storage place is and where they have already laid the blacktop and put the signals in. The whole thing is ridiculous, but I'd be happy if they just put the whole thing off until Ortega Hwy is done (2 years or more??) though the do look like they're making good progress there, might be less. Anyway, we need to make sure the county knows how we feel about this stuff. It's hard enough to drive with gas prices as they are, I hate to waste fuel backtracking every day 4 miles out of my way. Thanks for the forum..

  6. Still no info on when that pole will be moved or when the realignment will be open....We are into Spring and Summer will soon be here....



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