I-15 Paving Project Resumes

Cal-Trans announced today that it will resume its paving project along the I-15, between Murrieta Hot Springs Rd and Main St in Lake Elsinor...

Cal-Trans announced today that it will resume its paving project along the I-15, between Murrieta Hot Springs Rd and Main St in Lake Elsinore, along both directions, beginning tonight and continuing next week.

Here's the full announcement below...
RIVERSIDE COUNTY – Construction crews will continue with the paving project on I-15 that was suspended due to low seasonal temperatures.

Motorists can expect crews to be working on North and Southbound I-15, between Murrieta Hot Springs Road in Temecula and Main Street in Lake Elsinore, the remainder of this week and Monday through Friday next week. Work will be done at night between 7 PM and 5 AM. Be prepared for lane closures.

Expect delays- Give yourself extra commute time. Merge early and make space for vehicles around you- so everyone can get from Point A to Point B successfully.


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  1. The 15 I can avoid. As a Menifee resident I still want to know WHEN THE POLE WILL BE MOVED AND THE NEWPORT REALIGNMENT WILL BE DONE! That affects me every day. We have heard no details about the closing of Goetz. I would like to see a map that shows the exact proposed closure and timelines along with the dates for the finishing of the realignment project. Does anyone know anything?

  2. I second that post!

  3. My family used to live on the land where Newport is being realigned to (the new road actually goes right through where our house used to be). We try to keep up on what's happening as much as possible. I can't give you any exact information or sources, but in the past few weeks my step-dad has mentioned a few things he's found out.

    For one, the realignment project is suspended right now because the housing developer does not have the funds to continue construction (whoever is building the houses is also building the road). They will be relying on selling many of those homes in order to continue to fund the road. Unfortunately they have had some trouble getting permits to build the model homes, which has kept them from selling any plots.

    The new intersection equipment that was built a few weeks ago about half a mile from Murietta Hot Springs Rd. was supposedly paid for by a private business.

    All in all, last we heard no one really knew when work would continue, let alone when it would be finished. It is a possibility that they will start building model homes in the next few weeks though, which should get the ball rolling.

    Like I said, this is all word-of-mouth, so take it with a grain of salt, but we are pretty confident it is a pretty accurate description of the situation.

  4. Thanks for the second?...but it looks like No One is Out there....