New California Budget Cuts Education

The Californian reports that the governor is proposing a budget for the 2008 fiscal year that will reducing spending on public schools by 1...

The Californian reports that the governor is proposing a budget for the 2008 fiscal year that will reducing spending on public schools by 10%. The cut is needed to address a projected budget shortfall of $14.5 billion.
In the address, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a $141 billion state budget for the year starting July 1 that would slash nearly 10 percent of the funding for public education as part of a plan to erase an estimated $14.5 billion revenue shortfall over the next 18 months.
Of course, the governor doesn't make budget decisions, the legislature does. So, it doesn't really mean anything.

However, the budget shortfall of $14.5 is real.

The way I see things, we need to elect a President that's going to shut down our borders from illegal immigration. Anyone here care to guess how much taxpayer money is spent on kids from illegal immigrants?

Last month, I posted an article about the cost of new freeway expansion in Riverside County, and proposed that we pass the cost to all new families moving into this area. (Click here to read). Some of you commented that you preferred to just stop all new home construction until the economy improves.

Well, then how about we stop all immigration, including legal immigration, until our nation's economy improves? Thoughts?


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  1. I say close it and round all the illegals up and send them back. I will pay an extra tax to do that.

  2. Here's another question that nobody can ever seem to answer for me:

    Why do public schools get over $10,000 per student per year, but still do a sub-standard job at educating kids in most cases? Many private schools only charge around $4000 to $5000 per student per year and do a much better job at educating students.

    Can we say: Excessive waste? I think what really needs to happen is our education system needs to be completely restructured. The California Teachers Association is one of the strongest unions in the state and dictates much of what happens in the schools. When a private school can do a better job with half the money you know that something in the public school system is broke.

    And this doesn't even take into account that California's public schools rank near the bottom of all states in student achievement (#46 in 2003 for elementary and middle schools, according to this link), rank #26 (2002-03 school year) for per-student expenditures and #1 (2002-03 school year) for teacher salaries (see this link).

    So is it a bad thing that funding to the schools is getting cut? In my opinion, no. It just removes the money for the state, the school districts and the union to waste.

    It's time for us to start educating our kids and stop playing games with the tax money that so many of us work so hard to earn!

  3. First off, to address the comment that educating the children of illegals is leading to this budget shortfall...
    PEOPLE BORN IN THIS COUNTRY ARE FULL CITIZENS no matter if their parents are illegal or not. We have to educate American children even if every other person in that household is illegal.

    Secondly, the comment that we should "round up" the illegal immigrants might sound good in theory but how do we go about implementing it? Do we card every person in the state as they drive to work each day? Do we kick down the doors of every Hispanic in America and ask for proof of residency? If we are going to do that, why not kick down the doors of all the white people and see if they are Canadian.

    Thirdly, how much money would this "rounding up" cost? Millions of illegals hiding in hundreds of thousands of places protected by unknown thousands of people who then face costly hearings and transportation back home could cost more money than the budget shortfall!

    To sum up, I am not in favor of an open-border policy but I do realize that these people did not bravely come to this country to be freeloaders. They came to make more money for themselves and their families. If California's economy and government went into the crapper and Mexico was paradise where they were paying people 10 times as much for your job wouldn't you do the same for your family?

  4. no, anonymous... you enforce the existing laws--start in the construction industry--round up and deport all the illegals working there--spread the word, they would all stop rushing over here. then pay workers prevailing wage so legal workers can live on those wages. i am an immigrant, from a spanish speaking country and my husband and i both waited our turns to come here legally. even my kindergardener knows about no cutting. deport the illegals, regardless of where the kids were born. they were willing to do this, they know what they are doing, let them figure out what to do with their kids if they are deported. if they really cared about their families, they would not do illegal things and put them all at risk. we don't let drug dealers off bc they have kids at home. when the kids turn 18, they can always come back legally and work legally. if you spoke spanish you would hear the comments from these people you think are so noble and honest, they are laughing in every american's face over this issue. as long as the american public choses to think like you, you are encouraging lawlessness and telling people like us, who did come here legally, that we were dumb for doing so. they do come to be freeloaders--they use the hospitals and schools and take jobs legal people could do and then they send the money they make to another country. lastly, no, i wouldn't go to mexico illegally--a place where i would have no rights. no matter what they had to offer--it is wrong. plus, mexico does not tolerate illegals. i guess if i see someone has more than i do, i should just go up and take some too, right? we need to implement the existing laws and now. i am hispanic and i would be willing to show proof i am legal here--why not? why is being legal to live here, go to school here, get medical care, welfare, whatever, such a ludicrous idea?

  5. Dave,

    I've expressed the private school solution on this blog a couple of times before. I'm not sure readers are connecting with it though. I think many Menifee families are capable of affording private schools, but still use public schools.

    I wonder what Menifee Union can do encourage more private schools here, and approve more charter schools.

  6. As an educator whose been a teacher and administrator in Los Angeles and now here in the area and as a new resident of Menifee Valley what is going on on our schools is unbelieveable. Unless you are in th school system, you could not imagine the kind of crap teachers put up with and how some schools dont have any expectations of their minority students. I have never seen so much blatent racism in the school as I do here in the area. Even educators, who should be color blind and tolerant of all people are treating students of color like crap. On the other side, teachers have to put up with the whole ADHD crap and parents who just dont give a damn. How can we expect our students to be motivated and follow rules when their parents and home life is a mess. No amount of money can change this. Im also Mexican American with two degrees and a Doctorate in the process and I dont understand why some teachers, adminstrators and parents dont believe that having high expectations for all students is one of the essential factors in improving and providing an education. People of all races and cultures will give you only what you expect of them. My family has been in the US for over 100 years and I too beleive that some immigrants take advantage of our system. I dont like, in fact hate that my taxes are going to provide able working people money to sit at home and do nothing. I busted my but in high school and college to get where I am. And the least they can do is learn English. However, I dont think they are stealing jobs at least not the ones most Americans will take and would not like it if I have to prove my citizenship just because of the color of my skin. Im tired of everything being about race and and you all ignorant uneducated people out there really need to get over it because all of these laws protecting immigrants and giving them our money was not at the priviledge of any minority in DC.

  7. Why is everyone blaming immigrants who come for a better life? US companies offer jobs to them... that is the problem. Besides, GEORGE BUSH wants to merge North America.. with Canada and Mexico. Don't believe me? Watch Lou Dobbs, who is tough on immigration, on CNN talk about the North American Union:

    Everyone who is arguing over this is basically being fooled! There is a bigger issue here that is being kept hidden from us... WAKE UP MENIFEE!!

  8. I'm just curious how there can be claims made that private-schools educate students better than public schools? That's a pretty bold statement. I don't doubt that the public school system will fail to meet the needs of some students, but the majority of students r