Goetz Road Closure Slated for Feb. 21st

The Press Enterprise Published this article. The seven-month-long closure of a section of Goetz Road, the main thoroughfare connecting Can...

The Press Enterprise Published this article.

The seven-month-long closure of a section of Goetz Road, the main thoroughfare connecting Canyon Lake and Quail Valley, promises to reroute commutes and challenge some area business owners.

The shutdown will create a temporary division between Canyon Lake and Quail Valley, causing residents of Quail Valley to take a 1 ½-mile detour if they wish to access Canyon Lake. Some residents of Quail Valley expressed discomfort at the thought of taking a different, slightly longer route to reach Interstates 15 and 215.

The closing of a small but well-traveled section of Goetz Road that stretches from Canyon Lake Drive to just south of Newport Road will allow work crews to start widening Goetz to four lanes and to build a new bridge that will eventually cross Salt Creek near the intersection of Newport and Goetz roads.

To read more go to http://www.pe.com/localnews/canyonlake/stories/ PE_News_Local_H_newport13.2455c86.html


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  1. Have I been missing it or has someone reported on the completion of the Newport re-alignment? Are we to assume it will open when they close the Goetz road? We heard a lot of incorrect dates now nothing. What is up??

  2. Newport Rd has not been totally realigned yet. But it sounds like when Goetz Rd closes, they'll open up the new intersection between Berea Rd and Newport Rd (you can see the traffic lights there).

    As far as when Newport Rd will be totally realigned, I just haven't done any calling around to find out.

  3. They still need to move utility boxes and power poles before it opens.

  4. I called the Supervisor Stone's office and asked about this after I read the article the other day, and I got a call back from the Deputy of Transportation the same day. Wow! Anyway, he said that they would be opening the "new" Newport and closing the "old" Newport between Berea and Murrieta Road, so that there would just be a "dog-leg" there. I don't think it would be the full 6 lanes right away, but he sounded as if it would be soon after. (whatever "soon" means to the transportation dept, anyway. :)

    I also commented that some of us were concerned that in case of an emergency situation, we are currently being covered by Riverside County sheriff from Elsinore, and that their response time is going to be longer now. Also, if the area for some reason had to be evacuated, we only have two "escape routes", one of which would be seriously compromised with this detour. He said it was a good point and that he was going to inquire about it. Or something...

  5. I am very upset the way this whole thing was handled. I live in the new Forecast Development "Canyon Heights"in Quail Valley and we where never notified about the road closure in writing. I also don't believe that the bridge will be completed in seven months. I am very concerned about the detour route and the possibility of La Ladera Rd. flooding which means we will not be able to reach Berea Rd. Police protection is another major concern our Sheriffs who patrol Quail Valley work out of the Lake Elsinore Station not the Perris Station. The Police responce time will be greatly delayed due to this project. I am irrate at our County Supervisor Jeff Stone and the way this whole thing was handled. I think maybe the Quail Valley residents should picket in front of Jeff Stones office. I can't wait until we incorporate into the city of Menifee Valley after the way Supervisor Stone handled this situation.

  6. Still no dates or a timeline???

  7. Really only a 1 1/2 miles extra? At one meeting I heard 4 miles. What about traffic flow will traffic lights be in place or stop signs? It may well take 20 minutes for that 1 1/2 miles.



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