Ridgemoor School Boundary Changes

The Menifee Union School District will be holding two meetings that affect students of Ridgemoor Elementary School... School Board Meeting ...

The Menifee Union School District will be holding two meetings that affect students of Ridgemoor Elementary School...

School Board Meeting - to present the boundary change
Tuesday, January 8, 2008, 4:00pm
Menifee Union School District, Board Room
30205 Menifee Rd, Menifee

Boundary Meeting - for public input
Monday, January 14, 2008, 6:00pm
Ridgemoor Elementary School, Multipurpose Room

Right now, the district is proposing that all Ridgemoor students in the Menifee Hills community, living south of Honey Run Rd, attend the new elementary school in Quail Valley. The new Quail Valley school doesn't have a name yet, but officials refer to it as "School 8".

The proposal is not sitting well with parents whose children will be affected by this change. Some of these parents are urging the rest of the parents to attend to January 14 meeting, and let their voices be heard.

Matthew Denney, one such parent, is canvassing the neighborhood, and distributing flyers, while presenting his point of view. "Our kids can't be expected to walk to Quail Valley from this neighborhood, there are no sidewalks on Newport Rd and Goetz Rd, and traffic there is pretty heavy", says Denney. "And Ridgemoor is actually experiencing a drop in student enrollment due to home foreclosures; they had to lay off teachers there because of not enough students".

Last October, I published an article about the new elementary school in Quail Valley, and I reported that Ridgemoor students were NOT expected to transfer there. That information came from both Betti Cadmus and Bruce Shaw, the district's director of facilities. But after talking to Betti today, she informed me that the district is now proposing this change in an attempt to maintain enrollment balance between the two schools. They don't want one school near capacity, and another school too far below capacity.

Either way, nothing is official yet.

However, if parents don't attend the boundary meeting on January 14, it could very well be official.

"The district urges all Ridgemoor parents to attend this meeting", says Betti. "We need to know what they think of this boundary change".

It's like that old adage, "if you don't vote, you can't complain".


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  1. My thanks to Matthew Denney for getting flyers out to all of us affected by this possible change. I had no idea. My kids have been going to Ridgemoor for 6 years and it takes me about 2 minutes to drop them off. Driving down Newport Rd at 7:30 in the morning to take my kids to Quail Valley is nonsense. I WILL put them in private school before I put them in the Getto to go to school.

  2. Actually the school is located in a new tract home development and not the "Ghetto". There are nice parts of Quail Valley.
    If any of you choose to go to the District Board Meeting, ask the Tywmans (Board Members) where their kids went to school.(Ridgemoor) They live in J-Bar Ranch.

  3. Yes it would be an inconvenience to drive down Newport Rd. to take my child to school, when he currently rides his bike with all of his buddies. I am trying to keep an open mind, is there a list of teachers that are expected to teach at the new school, with their experience reported?? How can a parent make the correct decision on where their child is to attend school without researching the experience of the educators?? Unfortunately you can do more research on who will be cleaning your teeth, than who is educating our future....

  4. I have driven by the new school and can confirm it is located in a new development of Quail Valley. This is not my concern. My concern is this, my family made a large financial and emotional investment when we moved our then 6 month old and 3 year old children to a new home, so that we could be with in walking distance of a quality school. We made this decision after researching school scores and administration to ensure a quality educational experience for our children. In addition to the mileage "inconvenience", I would like you all to consider this:
    -number of accidents at the MAJOR intersections (La Ladera/Newport and Newport/Goetz) that occur between your home and the new Quail Valley School
    -Newport Road and Goetz DO NOT have sidewalks
    -if your children must ride the bus because you cannot drive them, you will be required to pay for the "service" of riding the bus (word of mouth advises about $170.00 for your first child)
    -the high scores at Ridgemoor Elementary School
    -the wonderful administration, parents and students at Ridgemoor have earned the status of "Distinguished School" deserve to remain at their "Distinguished School"
    -Newport Road, as it is currently, will be altered when the new road is opened that travels through the Audie Murphy Ranch homes

    While I am certain that the new school will a positive educational experience for many, I am not happy at the prospect of being forced to go to a school 2.7 miles away while I am currently .7 of a mile. Furthermore, I object to paying for my children to ride the bus on streets with high accident occurrences while robbing them from the opportunity and experience of walking or riding their bikes to school.

    I respect people who are keeping and open mind, as I am sure the school district does; however, this is more than just an "inconvenience".

    PLEASE do your research and PLEASE attend the meetings January 8th at the District Office AND January 14th at Ridgemoor Elementary.

  5. Well after reading all of the posts and educating myself with the facts I am very angry.

    My family moved here 7 years ago. Against all realtor's recommendations we chose Menifee Hills instead of Menifee Lakes. Why... because we wanted to be part of a brand new community which had an elementary school in walking distance.

    For years we waited for our park to be built which took 3+ years. We have spent years making friends and watching our children make friends in OUR neighborhood.

    Our children are now at Ridgemoor and have been for 4 years. They love school and we love their school. I have nothing but positive fabulous things to say about Ridgemoor.

    We tossed around the idea of moving a couple of times but agreed that we would never do that to our kids for their love for education comes from their love of Ridgemoor and it's top notch and phenomenal staff.

    Quite possibly further research needed to be done before building school #8 in its Quail Valley location.

    Why would anyone allow their child to be bused to a new elementary school anywhere when we are walking distance to a school that we love and it is in OUR neighborhood. Some of us were the first houses when there was nothing but dirt. We stuck it out through the early times and now you want to say thanks by uprooting our children and sending them to a different school. I will move from the Menifee District if my child is forced to leave Ridgemoor.

    Children develop lifelong connections in elementary school which are essential. Considering now we have 9 elementary schools that are dumped into only 2 over crowded and less than exceptional middle schools which than are dumped into a truly horrible and pitiful Perris Union run (I use run loosely) High School Paloma.

    Someone needs to take notice that our under paid teaching staff in Menifee will soon give up the fight and relocate... If we as a community don't stand strong and support our children and teachers. Our elementary teachers work diligently every day to provide our children with a superior education only to allow them to be lost at the Middle School and High School level.

    Someone needs to move their ruler and find a way to build a new Middle school and High School and leave our happy and content
    Ridgemoor students alone.

    This is not about Quail Valley ...for truly I could care less about Quail Valley. I chose to live in Menifee and have my child go to a neighborhood School in our neighborhood that we love and care about. I will not put my children on a bus on a dangerous, busy, two lane road 5 days a week to go to school. Many buses go to Ridgemoor currently... if you must re-route those buses to school #8. Why put more buses on the road to add to our air pollution.

    I have a question did anyone ever think when you bought your house .7 miles and less away from a school that we would be forced to go to a school 2.7 miles away? Again I think we should have had a voice in this before building began. If their are not enough students in that area to fill the school why did you not consider a different location to build. It appears that someone did not do their homework very well.

    I however, did my homework for months on where to buy my home and put my children in school. We chose Ridgemoor and we will settle for nothing less.

    Everyone Please attend the meetings on Jan. 8th (4:00 Distict Office) and Jan. 14 )6:00 Ridgemoor Elem.)

    This is about our neighborhood and our little community that we have worked so hard to be a part of we must stick together!

  6. Menifee Teachers are not under paid. Most teachers live in a different city than Menifee. They come here for the money.

  7. Your comment regarding Menifee teachers may have been true years ago, but certainly does not hold true currently. MUSD teachers are under paid compared to surrounding cities. In addition, they have been working withOUT a contract since July 2007 while the District has ample reserve to provide the individuals who are educating our future leaders with a well earned and justified increase. Teachers no longer come to Menifee for the pay, we will continue losing our highly qualified teachers to better surrounding cities and our children will soon be taught by teachers who have less than top notch skills and quality educational backgrounds. Again, teachers do not come to Menifee for the pay, I have 5 Menifee teachers who live within 1 mile of my home in Menifee. Go to the meeting 1/8 to learn more.



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