Sheriff Bob Doyle Resigns

Sheriff Bob DoyleLate last night, Sheriff Bob Doyle resigned from his post, in order to accept a position on the State Parole Board, a position appointed by the Governor.

Red County Riverside has published pieces from all the local newspapers on this, and you can go through it there...

The articles in the paper go on to suggest that he resigned his post because he had been embattled with the District Attorney, the Board of Supervisors, and the deputies' union. I imagine a high profile person such as Sheriff would always be embattled with other persons, and I don't see how a position with the State Parole Board would be any more glamorous.

While Doyle easily won his second election to office, it came largely on voter disinterest with all the candidates, or lack of voter knowledge of the candidates. I had published an account of the Sheriff's debate that took place in Sun City.

Undersheriff Neil Lingle is expected to run the department in the interim, but the search for an official replacement has not started.


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