Menifee Lakes Master Association Recalled

Homeowners in the Menifee Lakes Homeowners Association succeeded in recalling its board members last night, according to an article publishe...

Homeowners in the Menifee Lakes Homeowners Association succeeded in recalling its board members last night, according to an article published in the Press Enterprise...

I don't live in Menifee Lakes, so I don't know the details of this long standing dispute. I do know it has been an emotional issue.

There have been websites published just on this issue alone...

Even after reading the article in the Press Enterprise, I still feel as if I don't know the "real truth" on this matter. It doesn't explain why Don Harris was fired, and hence, I'm to assume that somewhere within the causes lies the true colors of both sides involved.

Media outlets rarely dig down deep into these matters because they take a long time to figure out, and require lots of supporting documentation to back up. And when you consider that these issues often center around power and position (and money), you're always putting yourself at risk when you try to publish the truth.

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  1. I'm sure that if you could Poll every homeowner within the Menifee Master Assoc, most of them would not have a clue as to what the "Recall" was all about. The truth is that only a small minority of homeowners has ever taken interest in what happens here in the Menifee Lakes Community. It only took 2 homeowners to start this Recall mess and believe me it has been the biggest nightmare this community has ever seen. I think your average homeowner doesn't get involved unless they have a dispute or you increase their dues. If all seems well, they don't bother to attend Meetings or to get involved in any Community efforts.
    So what happens is that a handful of people make ALL the decisions (good or bad) for the Association. For years we have just squeaked by with having a Quorm to even elect our Board Members or Tract Delegates.
    It is a sad state of affairs, and if you don't get involved people and start attending meetings about your community, then you need to stop complaining!!!
    Regarding the reasons for firing Don Harris, and believe me there were many reasons to get rid of him. He was and is a HUGE ticking time bomb, with major Anger Management issues. Not a good thing to have someone like this serving as your Lake Manager/Beach Club Manager. The Board made the right decision.
    Now because the courts have allowed our Recall votes to be counted, Mr Harris will now have a Board Seat !
    He will use this to get his old job back and we will really be in bad shape if that ever happens.
    The soap opera "As the stomach turns" continues and those of us who hoped for a peaceful outcome, can FORGET ABOUT IT NOW.
    17 year Resident of Menifee Lakes

  2. From my 20 year experience being in an association and on an association board...this is the norm. Most people can't be bothered to go to meetings or get involved...its always a small number who do.
    When we moved to this area, we vowed never to get into an HOA again, we found a nice home without all the politics, personal agendas, increasing association fees, and the nightmare of recalls. Peace at last!

  3. Thanks for bringing this issue up on your site. My wife and I publish a magazine in Menifee and chose not to touch on the subject...yet. We live in Menifee Lakes and honestly thought the issue would go away. If you look at the facts, it would have never gotten this far.

    First lets touch on the "he said, she said". I could mention 5 negative things that have occurred at the hands of Don Harris that have affected friends, family and neighbors. They hold no value as they are not documented. As I too try to publish only facts, I was surprised at PE's article. Are we to presume, from the article, that the racist graffiti was directed at Mrs. Walund... and it was placed by her "opposition"? What about the graffiti on my back wall,.. and the stop sign going into my tract? Should we presume that too to be directed at Mrs. Walburn placed by her opposition? I think not. Let's bypass the presumptions and the "he said, she said" and move to the facts. With a little research looking up court documents, members of the community would find the following facts:

    Don Harris has 3 restaining orders issued against him.

    Don Harris is being sued by the association for taking association property and not returning it.

    Don Harris is the target of an ivestigation regarding "multiple" computer crimes.

    Accoding to Don Harris lawsuit, and this is generalized, he was fired because a cop said he has anger management issues and is a liability.


    Now, as a community member, I have a right to vote for board members. They treat the job like a business and fire and hire as they feel fit. If they hire or fire someone that I dont agree with, so be it. It is for the benefit of the community. Don Harris was fired for the benefit of the community. I ask this: If you own a business and a cop warns you about an employee that has anger management issues and you take no action,... who's at fault? You guessed it. If Harris finally lost it and did something worthy of a lawsuit, who would pay for it? You guessed it again... the association.

    We have not touched on this issue in our magazine but we are getting close. Like mentioned in the article, the recall issue did not get 33% vote because most people avoided it. They have no personal attachment to it. But if this moves forward, what would stop someone else from recalling the next board and the next one?.. continuously dwindling association funds until our HOA fees go up 3fold. This is an issue we couldnt avoid.

    This recall has cost tons of money and divided the community. Why? Because someone wasnt happy about being terminated. If the board, that we elected, felt there was no reason to terminate the lake manager, then why would they?

    The bottom line is this: Why is the community not doing research into the facts: Why, for a year, are people supporting someone that poses a threat, (3 restraining orders) thats being sued by the association for removing property and not returning it, (what is he hiding?) that is the target of an ivestigation regarding computer crimes(email hacking), that a local sheriff stated has anger management issues and is a liability, and, most importantly, IS SUING THE ASSOCIATION THAT SUPPORTERS ARE SAYING THEY ARE TRYING TO PROTECT?

    Wake up people. Supporting Harris and this recall means supporting the spending of association dollars and allowing individuals like Harris to initiate recalls for years to come.

  4. There are certainly many diagnoses of Mr. Harris' mental conditions. If the few people (including the police officer) commenting on Mr. Harris' "major Anger Management issues" are qualified to make such an assessment (meaning you were his psychologist) then you should be brought before the Medical Board for violating the Physician's Oath.

    If you're not his doctor, you're not qualified to make that statement. In that case you've both committed tort libel at best.

    I am not defending Mr. Harris, and I'm not even remotely involved in the whole mess that ML seems to have, but it seems a bit unfair that everyone is making such an assessment, and in my personal opinion such opinions are based more on personal grudge than general facts.

    My .02

  5. With all due respect Steve; you are like the majority of MLMA members who have relied on "comment" or Gossip to "understand" what has been happening in Menifee Lakes. The mature thing to do is to do some independant research and find out what has happened, independant of biased opinions.

    For the record, there was actually a third website(, owned by the community, but hijacked by Harris, that Harris used for his own agenda. That website has been shut down(believed to be by the Authorities). has been "iced" since January 15, 2007. is the only website available for independant menifeelakes information.

    As far as to what "happened", read case number RIC458659 at the Riverside Superior Court Webite. This is all Public information. Basically, a Riverside county Sheriff warned the MLMA Board that Harris is a LIABILITY. The Board protected it's membership and eliminated that LIABILITY(anyone with any business/law education realizes that once informed of liability, that liability is accepted). Harris retaliated and filed a frivilious lawsuit against three Board members(alledgedly, they called him some bad names), the MLMA, the Sheriff who warned the MLMA, Sheriff Bob Doyle, and a resident known as the "duck lady", and a petite woman who apparently beat him up (all 6'3", 200lbs of him-you go girl!). So far the MLMA and the three Board members, and Bob Doyle have been exonerated, check the website!

    The fact is that the voting reported in the paper occurred almost 12 months ago. Many of those who voted, now regret their vote. These same voters did not know that the terminated lake manager was the target of a criminal investigation. They did not know that this same contractor has three Restrianing Orders granted against him(case #'s TEC073381,TEC072789,SWD00466), nor did they know that he is being sued for the return of HOA property, now(alledgedly) in his possession.

    What this reader would like to know is, why does the recall gang continue to support this terminated contractor and subject this association to liability. This is the question all Menifee Lakes members should be asking.

    But PLEASE, do NOY rely on "comment" or Gossip, find your own answers and you will find the TRUTH!

  6. Anonimous at 10.56 on 8/23 wantsa to know why the recalll gang continues to support harris.

    As a "member' of this gang, i don't believe any of the above allegations. I believe Lucy Walund and the rest of those recall leaders.

    How can any one individual be the "target" of a criminal investigation, have three sepererate judges, agree that he is a true threat (taking away constitutional rights) granting three Restrianing Orders, and also be accused of embelezzelment?

    This old guy refuses to believe!

  7. Polly WigglesallottAugust 23, 2007 11:15 PM