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Need to find a babysitter in the Menifee area? There's an online service called "sittercity" which provides a national direct...

Menifee babysittersNeed to find a babysitter in the Menifee area?

There's an online service called "sittercity" which provides a national directory of babysitters. You enter your zip code, and it shows you all the sitters in your area.

I ran a search for "92584" and it found 61 sitters, some of them in Menifee and Sun City, and others in Murrieta and Temecula.

Try it out here...

How good are the sitters listed on sittercity?

Sittercity doesn't screen the sitters, however, they provide some unique tools that help you decide on a sitter before contacting them...

  • Online Profile - there's a profile on each sitter, and the profiles are pretty extensive, showing you their location, education, religion, special skills, and so on

  • Photograph - you can see a photo of the sitter

  • Reviews - you can read reviews on each sitter, which are posted by parents who've hired them, though there are not many reviews

  • Super Sitter Ranking - sittercity identifies sitters in the Top 20% based on their activity

It's probably better than just hiring someone out of Craigslist or from a sign posted on a telephone pole, in that you have some means of evaluating them first.


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  1. Great informative post for a city of new neighbors who need childcare connections!!Awesome.

  2. Sounded great until I found out that it costs $8 just to see where they live and how to contact them.
    The other problem is that of the 60 registered members only a few of them are in the menifee area.

    I wish I could find someone in the area to watch my two girls

  3. Place an ad in the PennySaver and you'll be flooded with responses. Do your homework and some good interviewing before making any decisions.

    REFERENCES! Good luck. It worked for us.

  4. Need babysitter in San jacinto, CA. from 8-2 in my home preferred. Please email:

  5. Not sure about sittercity but I have come across another website that I think looks better if you are looking for a sitter, I have no idea how much it costs or any of that but when I looked at the site it seems much more informative. Hope this helps!

  6. i been looking for a babysitter since we moved here.i have more than one year and i can find one.i can even work because of that.and also this district doens't have any kind of help or program for low income husband & i feel like moving back from were we came from.



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