Enrollment at MSJC is Soaring

The Californian reports today that enrollment at Mt. San Jacinto Community College is soaring, with an increase of about 15% above last yea...

The Californian reports today that enrollment at Mt. San Jacinto Community College is soaring, with an increase of about 15% above last year's enrollment...

The number of students at the Menifee campus has risen from 6,513 to 7,473 in the last year ---- an increase of almost 15 percent, college spokesman Bill Marchese said Friday.

But the newspaper goes on to report that enrollment at MSJC's Temecula campus have dropped also by about 15%.

MSJC rents out rooms at highschools in Temecula to offer classes to students in that area. So, is the increase of enrollments at the Menifee campus due to declining enrollments in Temecula?

Anne Motte, who sits on the MSJC Board, writes about this subject on her blog...


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  1. Enrollments are increasing at msjc due to implementation last year of an aggressive enrollment policy to earn and capture all state growth funds and a new VP of instruction hired last year, who knew how to schedule to capture those funds. The new president(Zacovic) who hired the VP and captured those funds was fired for "no cause" by three board members last February. And,the previous president (Giese) who was unable to capture all available state growth funds and actually left $10,000,000 in accumulated lost growth for all future years, over his six years as president, was honored and named msjc "President Emeritus" by the threesome. It makes no sense.

  2. And where are they going to park? They are spilling into our neighborhoods. why not increase fees by 15 bucks a student and include parking lot parking?

  3. Yes parking is spilling over onto the streets because the students refuse to pay for parking (or can't afford it), it's cheaper to park in your neighborhood and walk to campus. I would be more worried about all the bank repos and broken down rentals in your heighborhood stinking up property value.

  4. I have to add a comment on this "parking" issue as I'd like to know where they are going to park as well?? I live just off the lake close to the college and every day I come outside only to have to constantly put up with these cars blocking my driveway, blocking our mailboxes, etc. For one thing, the mail person will NOT deliver mail if the area is blocked and the cars are literally up and down the block.

    One day I came out to go to work and could not even get out of my own driveway-I had to pull onto my grass to back out!

    Yes, we do need to be worried about all of "our" bank repos/rentals but we do have a new management company that is attempting to rectify that situation and "we" are not the only neighborhood that this is happening in.

    I don't necessarily believe increasing the students fees are the answer as they simply won't pay it! The school needs to do something as the parking in and outside of the neighborhood streets is beyond manageable.

    Besides most of the students I've spoken with (when attempting to tell them NOT to block my driveway) are incredibly rude and flat don't care. I think there needs to be signs put up stating that they can not park on the community streets.

    Maybe San Jacinto can allow them to park in the abandoned lot that they took from Arizona University a few years ago that to this day still stands vacant & unkempt.

  5. This was a problem at Long Beach City College. Have your HOA issue parking stickers and tow away vehicles that do not belong there. That should clear up the student parking situation.



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