MenifeeOnline For Sale, a web portal that targeted residents of the Menifee Valley is apparently up for sale. The website's current owner, A..., a web portal that targeted residents of the Menifee Valley is apparently up for sale.

The website's current owner, Adrienne DeVita, listed the site for sale on her domain name blog, which you can read here...

The asking price for the website isn't mentioned, though she indicates that all reasonable offers will be considered. Here's a quote from her blog...

This is a local web portal located in Menifee, California. This portal targets one million local residents and the web site owner must contact all of the local businesses and sign them up for business directory advertising, which includes one full-page, 6 pictures, 1 thumbnail, and a coupon.

Web portals like have been springing up everywhere over the past couple of years, which happened to coincide with a nationwide trend towards "hyperlocal journalism". These websites offer similar information as Yahoo, except tailored to a very narrow audience, such as residents of Menifee Valley.

I don't have the specifics on why Adrienne decided to put MenifeeOnline up for sale, but I do know that online advertising at the local level is a difficult business to get into. Local advertising is still pretty much the domain of paper publications like newspapers, The Pennysaver, Menifee Mailer, etc.

Anyways, if you think you're up to the task of running a local web portal, maybe MenifeeOnline is the opportunity for you.


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  1. I agree that web advertising sales is a pretty tough nut to crack. I work with and they've had more than 3million hits this year (yeah it's only July) and we know that people use the site to post local events and get detailed information about events. They also like to see pictures of themselves. People still contact us about photos from last year.

    I don't know much about the web, but if you do a "Google" on Menifee Events see what comes up. Businesses may not know about the value of the web, but their potential customers sure do.


  2. Hi AJ. Part of the thing is that I'm not an ad salesman, and neither is Ben, nor Adrienne. We're website publishers. I'll bet if you get a talented ad salesperson, I imagine you can attract a good number of businesses willing to buy ads. I'm not sure, however, you could afford to hire someone with that kind of talent.



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