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A Menifee resident named Bill submitted a comment to me in reference to new businesses coming to Menifee, and asked why there hasn't bee...

A Menifee resident named Bill submitted a comment to me in reference to new businesses coming to Menifee, and asked why there hasn't been any talk of new auto dealerships coming to Menifee...

After reading all of the input I could find on new businesses coming to the area, I couldn't help but notice a glaring omission. I didn't find one reference to new auto dealers.

While I am not necessarily a lover of auto dealerships, I have seen their presence in many new communities really make a difference in whether that new city thrives or fails. I lived in Poway Ca. for 23 yrs. and 8 yrs. before it became a city. I was not one of the people who voted for city-hood. I was sure that we would have big problems with policing, streets etc.

They started with a district set aside for auto dealerships. This turned out to be a brilliant idea. Everything else followed, and Poway has always been considered one of the best governed cities in California. Their infrastructure has improved dramatically since 1980 and it has gone from a dusty cow town to a beautiful city. Their per capita income is one of the highest in S.D. Co.

Honest, I am not now, nor have I ever been a Poway Chamber of Commerce member. I just think that if we don't take this possibility into account, we may be missing the boat on the biggest sales tax source a city can have.

I also read a blog about certain people hating Wal-Mart. I think it's about time we started thinking for ourselves and quit listening to people with a selfish or vindictive agenda. Wal-Mart has been a positive addition to most areas it's in. It's the UNIONS,they want to get into your pockets. If Wal-Mart were UNION, they would praise them. What nonsense!!!!!!

You're absolutely right about auto malls Bill, they crank out tons, and I mean TONS, of tax revenue for city governments. The trick, however, is designing an auto mall that actually sells a lot of cars. You also needs lots of land, and you need visibility along a freeway. Menifee can offer both of those.

There is in fact, Richardson's RV located along the 215, near Ethanac Rd, but it's currently sitting on land that's outside of Menifee's borders, and is actually outside of Perris' borders too. The last I heard Perris is making a move to annex it, if it hasn't already done so.

But I agree with you, I would love to see an auto mall in Menifee.

As for Wal-Mart, I agree with you on that also. Wal-Mart only is what it is because people shop there. You can't argue against the people. Unions and liberals have tried, but they can't stop people from voting with their money.


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