Menifee to Become Future Industrial Center?

A new report from Lee & Associates says that industrial growth in South West Riverside County is expected to climb steadily, though not ...

A new report from Lee & Associates says that industrial growth in South West Riverside County is expected to climb steadily, though not rapidly.

As covered by the Press Enterprise, the report goes on to note that southern-most cities, Temecula and Murrieta will face the slowest growth due to "lack of infrastructure", while Perris and Menifee will enjoy more growth.

This is largely the same observation that I've been told by people with the previous chambers of commerce and the cityhood incorporation committee. Perris and Menifee sit in the middle of a growing region of business and industry, with Temecula/Murrieta to the south, Riverside/Moreno Valley to the north, Hemet/San Jacinto to the east, and Lake Elsinore/Corona to the west.

Perris and Menifee also sit in the middle of some major thoroughfares running through Riverside County, the I-215, I-15, Hwy 74, and Ramona Expressway. Soon, Railroad Canyon Rd will be realigned with Domenigoni Pkwy and will create a corridor connecting Lake Elsinore and Hemet with Menifee sitting in the middle.

Last month, I wrote an article saying that if the cityhood effort fails in Menifee, that this area will become drawn up and quartered by surrounding cities. But if cityhood succeeds, then we who live here get to decide how Menifee develops.


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  1. What will connect Railroad Canyon to Domenigoni Pkwy? Newport I would assume? Making it even more difficult to get out of our tracts and onto the 215 in the morning. Is anything being done to alleviate the Newport and sb 215 traffic in the morning? With more housing going up and essentially a freeway through our town, isnt this going to create a nightmare for residents?

  2. There are plans to widen the Newport Rd overpass there at the 215, but those plans won't happen until 2011.

    Sure, it's going to be a big nightmare for residents, particularly through Menifee Lakes. As it stands now, there's going to be more homes built along Newport/Domenigoni all the way east to State St. in Hemet. All that traffic is going to run through Menifee Lakes to the 215.

    As for widening Newport Rd through Menifee Lakes, I haven't heard.

    However, there are plans to build the French Valley Parkway, which will provide another corridor from Winchester Rd to the I-15. Also, Clinton Keith Rd will eventually connect to Winchester Rd. So, these corridors might alleviate congestion on Newport Rd.

  3. Is there a website where I can keep up on the progress of Menifee becoming a city?



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