The Toughest Job in Menifee

This afternoon I captured this guy on my cell phone camera. He was standing on the Newport Ave bridge, just as we were exiting the freeway. The temperature outside was 109 degrees F, according to the thermometer in our car.

Sign twirling in Menifee
I imagine the temperature recorded high, because the thermometer was catching the heat rising up off the asphalt. Which means, this guy was probably catching it too.

There's not much effort involved in tipping a sign up and down on a tripod, but to stand there in 109F temperature, for I don't know how many hours, has got to be tough.

How hot does the temperature have to get before a sign twirler like this guy asks himself, "Do people think I'm insane, or desperate?"


  1. do these folks get paid more money if they jump around more then the other sign twirlers

  2. I like the strategic use of the only shade in the area to keep the backpack at maybe 105 degrees... 8-)

  3. I really need a job. I would sign twirl in that weather. I'd walk peoples dogs and pick up their crap for $8.50 an hour. hahah My name is Melissa Kelzer. If anyone knows of any job open, call me (619)849-0309