UFO Spotted in Menifee

I came across an article publishing on another website, that details an account of someone spotting a flying saucer hovering over Menifee, C...

I came across an article publishing on another website, that details an account of someone spotting a flying saucer hovering over Menifee, California. This apparently took place in 1996 or so.

Here is an excerpt...
We were driving straight ahead, no other cars on the road and we came across these water pump things, and hovering over them was a huge craft! The best way I can describe this thing was it looked like a stereotypical saucer. The kind of things you would see in cartoons. A saucer shape, with the glass kind of bubble on top, black all the way around it and blinking lights on the sides. The lights blinking though is the thing that confuses us the most because the colors of the lights were red, white and blue, government craft??? We have no clue. Now you won't believe this but it was within I'd say 100 yards away from us on the left side of the road!! And so you get a feeling of what we saw, it wasn't "a light in the sky". It was like, well imagine standing in your driveway and looking across the street at the house on the other side and only hovering about 50 yards off the ground. That's the best way I can describe the distance away from us and the size of this thing. And it made NO NOISE!
I guess even aliens from outer space are looking at real estate here.

To read the full report, click the link below...



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  1. thanks for wasting everyones time with such a useless blog.

  2. Back in December of 2000 I remember taking a drive to the market and as I pulled out into Newport from Evans road ( where I use to live) I noticed a weird orange/redish disc moving slowly toward the San Deigo area. It was probably around between 7:00pm-8:30pm. I don't really want to call it a UFO because I wasn't sure what it was. All I know is that it felt different. How do I explain it--well, you somehow know deep down inside that it's not natural. You feel something odd about it--you know. Several years later on a website I came across a picture of a UFO that someone posted on Coast to CoastAm.com The object resembled what I saw that night. In case anyone thought that it might be blimp--no it couldn't have been.I'd recognize a blimp anywhere. Maybe it was a military secret craft--oh well I'll never know. Below is my website and blog:

  3. seen 3 in romoland

  4. April 2, 2010 saw ufo in the sky hovering at approx. 10pm over glencoe & menifee road. It was cylindar in shape with bright white lights on one side and 2 red blinking lights on each side. It was really weird. It was not a plane and definetly was not a blimp. I was really kind of freaked out and kept waiting for it to make a turn so that I could justify it. I was hoping it was one of those big military jets that ususally fly over and land at March Air base, but this was not a plane. Just wondering if anyone else saw this?????

  5. last night July 18th I was driving on the 215 fwy south just north of the 74 Lake Elsinore exit when I saw a bright light yellowish orange shooting across the sky. It was not a falling star because it was to low, it traveled west to east for about 4-5 seconds then disappered. I looked on the news for other sightings and in the newspaper to my suprise found nothing. Did anyone other then myself see or hear of anything?

  6. Jan 6 2011 9:40PM over looking towards Menifee from Murrieta Hot Springs road and 215 fwy I saw a huge fireball slowly decending behind the roof lines. It was huge and was moving very slowly. At first i thought it was a meteor yet unlike a meteor the tail was very short and it was moving very slowly. I stopped my truck and got out to see it more clearly and it was going to disappear behind the roof lines so I drove over one block to see if it was going to crash land. I looked again about 30 seconds later as i turned up the next street and the fireball was gone and in its place were three mushroom shaped, bright lights in a triangle pattern just hovering there. I couldn't believe my eyes and thought they might be houses on a hill over off Clinton Keith road. I then drove over to the freeway on ramp to take the 215 north at Murr. Hot Springs Rd. to get a better look at the three lights without any obstructions. By the time I got there the lights were gone. There was no hill in that direction, they were not houses or any aircraft known to mankind. They were 10 times larger than any airplane lights, hovered and disappeared. I know they were UFO's. No one could convince me different. The fireball was something amazing also. I have never seen anything that could explain the way it looked and acted. I know that anyone traveling north on the 215 at 9:40 PM saw what I did only much clearer and without interruption. The whole incident lasted only about 1 to 2 minutes.

  7. This is What i saw. Airplanes dont blink like that




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