Menifee Videos on YouTube

Temecula-based television station, KZSW (channel 3 on Mediacom Cable), has been uploading several of its video segments on YouTube.

Since many people in the south west Riverside County area still don't have access to KZSW, or don't even know about them, you can watch their segments online.

Click here to see a list of all the videos you can watch online.

Some of the videos are focused on Menifee Valley, including the following...


  1. msjc pd they as a department are a joke of the county. the commandor or who ever he thinks he is. has no education no bachlors degree and was given that position bases on the last cheif being fired. and the tool kuhl they had in the video is a flunky from indio pd that my friend worked with who has anger issues thats why he was let go for i smell a civil law suite?? some great officers for a low budget pd!!!!!

  2. I have been impressed with the efforts and approach of the MSJC PD. They seem to be proactive and focused on reducing the criminal element in the Menifee area. Thank you MSJC PD!!! Keep up the great work!

  3. I to am impressed with there effort but lets not forget you are only a good department if you hire good officers. they hire people who cant cut it in other department i.e shriff and city pd's..... msjc has people who are let go for questionable actions are can not get hired because of issues in there background its a FACT!!! you can start with there chief

  4. Tres cool. This is what community journalism and news coverage is all about. People can get information about local events that wouldn't receive coverage any other way.