My car was found!

After 17 days, my car was found in Temecula. Not too bad of shape! Only trashed a little! My CD changer was still present although our port...

After 17 days, my car was found in Temecula. Not too bad of shape! Only trashed a little! My CD changer was still present although our portable DVD player for the kids was taken. It appears that the thief was using it to commit other crimes. There were 2 briefcases in my truck belonging to Temecula residents. The thief even left a 7 inch blade on my passenger seat. The Temecula police had the car taken to the tow yard and simply left the stolen items, including the knife in my car. When my wife went to drop the items back off at the police station off Auld Rd- the officer reluctantly took them from her and informed her that they would try and contact the people but that it was not high priority since they were understaffed. I guess catching these criminals, who are likely responsible for multiple thefts, is not a prioritiy.

Other than this event, I would say that Menifee is an excellent community and I am happy we moved here. I would not change a thing! We are an up and coming city and will become one of Southern California's nicest I am sure!

PS: Did you all see the article in the Californian Newspaper re: our future city being called "Menifee Valley?". There is a link at



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  1. Great positive attitude! That sounds just like the Sheriff's Department to say, "We are under staffed!" That's such an escape goat technique used by them. They are too busy gobbeling up all of these little city contrats for law enforcement services and are getting too big for thier britches (Pants) if you ask me. That is just too bad, oh well, I guess more innocent victims will become products of the system since those folks won't probably ever see thier stuff again....

  2. Happy to hear you got your car back. Also read in your posting about the name for our new city being "Menifee Valley". Do you like that name? How do others on this Blog free about the name, "Menifee Valley"? I kind of like it.

  3. Good to hear about your car.

    BTW, I wrote an opinion about the name, "Menifee Valley" a while back. Here is the link.

  4. hi im mark im new to the city and area and riverside due to moven i just got a job and i wanted to know is there any parks or recreation for young adults

  5. Hi Mark....Welcome to Menifee!!
    You might want to check out our biggest Sports Park here in Menifee. Valley-Wide Recreation's "Wheatfield Park" at the corner of Menifee Road and La Piedra. It is located just east of Mt.San Jacinto College on La Piedra. They have a lot going on as far as youth sports and they also share the Gymnasium at the Bell Mtn Middle school right next door for added activities. The phone number for the Office is #672-6744. I believe they also have a website you can check for more info. Check under "Valley-Wide Recreation" in Riverside County.
    Hope that will be of some help to you!

  6. Here's the site for Valley-Wide..

  7. Hello fellow Menifee residents:
    I am extremely concerned with alot of bad activity occurring in the La Ladera residential area. I have been noticing an increase in off road vehicles, dirt bikes, mini bikes, lifted golf carts, dune buggy's etc. in the area. Mainly around the residential tracks and the La Ladera race strip that runs in between them.
    This occurs on a regular basis. These off road vehicles are zipping up and down the 25 MPH zones, where our children play, couples are walking and vehicles travel in and out of driveways. These vehicles are exceeding the speeed limit, exceeding the maximum paasnger occupancy on the off road vehicle and usually has a drunk behind the wheel. I've seen guys drinking in golf carts, doing donuts, speeding and driving through home front lawns.
    I have also noticed an increase in graffitti, gang activity and some really strange kids in the area. Itis a mix of gang banger types and punk rocker types. I watched a gathering of approximatley 10-20 thugs at the La Ladera Park after 10 p.m. wearing bandannas, baggy pants, sunglasses at night and low rider cars. I have also watched kids walking with mohawks, shaved heads, military boots, tight pants with jackets that have metal spikes on them. These kids were hitting mail boxes in the area with sticks and shouting profanity and anti-government slander as they did it.
    What the heck is happening to our neighborhood? What have we created or allowed to polute our nice family oriented small town? I have peronnaly encountered several near accidents involving small children and vehicles with these off road vehicles. We as a community need to work together and not be afraid of these things. CALL THE POLICE when you see this happening! This is uncalled for and not nessasary. It is making our property value go down and endangering the life of our families and property. Stand Up and take action as a community! Who wants to be the one who has a child get hit by a dirt bike or golf cart? Or the one, who's house got tagged? Or the one who's vehicle gets stolen? Lets get this trouble out of here!

  8. There never too busy for Yellowbasket



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