IHOP Restaurant Comes to Menifee

There's a sign up at the empty lot on the corner of Murrieta and Newport Roads, indicating an IHOP (International House of Pancakes), a Jack-in-the-Box, and a Hollywood Video is going up there.

I suppose it's a welcome relief to see another family restaurant coming to Menifee. But the joy was tempered with disappointment that it's just an IHOP. I was hoping for something a little more different.

But seeing that my wife loves IHOP, I suppose you'll be seeing us there quite often.

Water Delivery Restored at Skinner Treatment Plant

A press released issued from the Metropolitan Water District today reports that normal water delivery was restored at the Robert A. Skinner water treatment plant, about nine hours after a malfunction caused temporary reductions to water agencies serving Riverside and San Diego Counties.

Full operations resumed by 6 p.m. The malfunction, which began at 9:15 a.m., caused treated water to enter an emergency outflow pipe that empties into a nearby creek.

"We are pleased both by the quick work of our dedicated staff and the close cooperation with the water agencies we serve," said Debra Man, Metropolitan's chief operating officer. "The good news is that Metropolitan and the water agencies served by our Skinner treatment plant had already developed contingency plans to handle a scenario very similar to the one we experienced today. The plan worked."

I doubt any homes or businesses noticed any outage, but I thought I'd pass it along since it's not all that far from us.

Dippin' Dots Opens New Store in Temecula

Dippin' Dots will open its first store in the Temecula Valley on Saturday June 25 at 26489 Ynez Road in the K-Mart center with a blast - featuring free samples of Dippin' Dots, Live Music, giveaways from Pepsi and SOBE Energy drink, as well as a chance to meet the Inventor of Dippin' Dots - Curt Jones.

The live music will begin shortly after 5:30pm and feature a special FREE performance by Immortal Records recording artist A Change Of Pace (Phoenix), as well as local Temecula favorites Keenwild. Three other acts will be featured as well - Sputter Doll (from San Francisco), Porpoise (from Orange County) and Skies Above Berlin (Provo, Utah).

During the day from 11am till 4pm there will be tons of family fun featuring Jolly Jumpers, a Rock Wall, a speech from the inventor of Dippin Dots - Curt Jones, a children's art corner, a DJ spinning mellow family friendly music and a load of free samples.

5 & Diner to Close

This Sunday (June 19), will be the last day that the 5 & Diner restaurant in Temecula will be serving meals. The diner, located next door to the Road House Grill, along Ynez Road, is closing up.

My wife has been a frequent customer, and the waitresses there knew her. One of the cooks knew her as "Strawberry Waffle", because that's what she always ordered for breakfast.

The owners of the restaurant sold it off to someone else, who plans to do something else with it. It wasn't clear to my wife of the details, but she suspects the owners are getting a divorce. The restaurant itself actually gets a lot of business.

In the past weeks, the owners have been selling off the 50's style pictures that hang on the wall. Between now and the last day, the restaurant is only open until 3:00pm.

My wife is quite saddened. Some of the folks who work there don't know where they will be going. She'll also miss some of the regular customers there.

Of all the 50's style restaurants in the area, such as Richie's, Rocky Cola Cafe, the new Ruby's, 5 & Diner definitely stood out as the most "homely" of them all. You can walk in there, and the waitress will tell you to sit whereever you want. You can pluck a quarter into a table-side juke box and hear your favorite oldie.

The two Richie's restaurants are probably my second choice. I like the decor of the one in Red Hawk. But it still has somewhat of a "company" feel. Forget about Rocky Cola Cafe. The times I went there, the service was terrible, and the decor looked worn and weathered. As for the new Ruby's? Well, it felt extremely "corporate" to me. It just had no feeling of a small-town family restaurant.

5 & Diner is actually chain of restaurants located throughout the United States. This franchise in Temecula was the only 5 & Diner in California.

Even though I myself didn't eat at 5 & Diner much, I have to admit, it had that "down home" feel, like you were in a small town. There aren't too many restaurants you can say that about.

New To Menifee

Hey all, my name is Eric Madrid and I will be moving to Shadow Ridge this summer. I am looking forward to moving to Menifee. I will be working in Temecula. Does anyone know if there are any malls planned for menifee?