IHOP Restaurant Comes to Menifee

There's a sign up at the empty lot on the corner of Murrieta and Newport Roads, indicating an IHOP (International House of Pancakes), a Jack-in-the-Box, and a Hollywood Video is going up there.

I suppose it's a welcome relief to see another family restaurant coming to Menifee. But the joy was tempered with disappointment that it's just an IHOP. I was hoping for something a little more different.

But seeing that my wife loves IHOP, I suppose you'll be seeing us there quite often.


  1. I know that some were dissapointed to find that the restaurant was just an IHOP. But let me tell you, that place is amazing! My family and I love it. I have never seen customer service like they have. I even ordered something that wasn't on the menu, because I couldn't decide. And I wasn't being difficult, my waitress asked me what I was in the mood for and I told her. She said no problem! I was shocked! And on the way out we met the owner, and she had quite a unique philosophy on customer service. She teaches her staff to go the extra mile because she knows that you can go across the street and get a hamburger fries and a coke for 5 bucks. She said that their attitude is what will bring people back. And she is right, we love it! We've gone to fancier big name restaurants that could learn a thing or two from these guys! Good job IHOP Menifee!

  2. They were there filming a commercial last week. Anybody have an idea where the commercial will be posted when it is done?


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