Experience, Accomplishments Highlight John Denver Campaign

Paid political content: An advocate behind the movement for city incorporation in 2008 and one of ...

Paid political content:

An advocate behind the movement for city incorporation in 2008 and one of the original members of the Menifee City Council, John Denver is running for re-election based on his experience and accomplishments.

Having worked for 20 years with the residents of Sun City to explore the benefits of incorporating into the City of Menifee, Denver has worked hard to help the city grow responsibly since its official beginnings. He played an important role as a council member from 2008-11, served as mayor in 2011-12, and since then has represented District 4 -- the northeast portion of the city.

"My platform is based on wise and balanced development," Denver said. "I believe the people of Menifee like Menifee the way it is. The way to keep it that way is balanced development as the population grows. We have an average home sales price of $329,000; we want to keep a variety of housing available to residents.

"I'm a capitalist. I believe in the rights of owners to use their property as they see fit. When a developer pulls away from our community because of attacks on development, the city loses."

Denver cites a number of projects in which he has played a positive role in his district, including:

-- The Line A flood control basin project (right), which will construct a water drainage canal south of Ethanac Road to protect the Romoland and surrounding communities in case of flooding.

-- Completion of the "missing link" of Menifee Road, greatly improving north-south traffic flow on the east side of Menifee.

-- The McCall Boulevard freeway interchange project, which Denver fought to include on the list of prioritized road improvements.

-- Heritage Square, a commercial development planned for the northwest corner of McCall Boulevard and Menifee Road, serving the residents of Heritage Lake. Denver was instrumental in convincing a developer to move ahead with plans for that project.

-- Recreational venues serving Menifee from the Romoland community and areas to the north, including the Drop Zone Water Park and Big League Dreams baseball complex.

"My number one priority is public safety," said Denver. "We need to keep working to increase our police and fire departments. We also need to increase job opportunities in the city.