Sun City Emergency Preparedness Group to Attend Forum

Update includes corrected email address for Gary Barton: Gary Barton talks with Riverside Coun...

Update includes corrected email address for Gary Barton:

Gary Barton talks with Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley, who helped secure a grant to fund a storage shed and generators.
Natural disasters can happen in the blink of an eye. Help from the government may not come as quickly, though.

In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, it is important to be prepared. Senator Mike Morrell, in partnership with Building Resilient Communities, is urging Menifee Valley residents to become proactive about disaster preparation.

On Aug. 15, the second annual "Ark of Safety" forum will be held to teach Inland Empire residents the necessary skills and preparation needed to withstand a natural disaster. The forum will also provide IE faith leaders the opportunity to corporate and collaborate in an effort to better prepare the community.

Local groups such as the Sun City Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee will be in attendance at the event, their members and encourage others to participate as well.

"We just became aware of it this weekend," said Gary Barton, chairman of the Sun City Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee. "My wife, the committee's secretary, saw it online and thought it would be good to attend."

Barton said that the local committee works hard to prepare the community for any natural disaster, and even more important, for the few days after.

"It may take a couple of days before any help arrives," said Barton. "Sun City residents are mostly older folks, so we really need to be prepared."

With events such as the Ark of Safety forum, Barton said he and other emergency groups can gain more knowledge on how to sustain themselves after any sort of disaster.

"We have supplies stored, and many of the churches around here have emergency plans," said Barton. "So we're just trying to get ready in case of anything."

Ark of Safety will take place on Aug. 15 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will be held at the San Jacinto Assembly of God Church, located at 300 W. First Street, San Jacinto.

To register online, visit the Ark of Safety's registration site. Registration closes Aug. 11.

For more information about the Sun City Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee, email Gary Barton at or Mary Dempsey at


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