Mann Has a Plan -- Not Only for Menifee, but the Region

Paid political content: In addition to his community involvement and leadership at the city level,...

Paid political content:

In addition to his community involvement and leadership at the city level, Menifee Mayor Scott Mann has played a pivotal role in many regional agencies. While helping contribute to the welfare of residents through Riverside County and beyond, he has strengthened local ties to the region that benefit the City of Menifee.

Mann currently serves on the following regional boards, commissions and committees:

-- Commissioner, Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC)

-- Board of Directors, Riverside County Workforce Investment Board

-- First Vice President, Riverside County Division, League of California Cities

-- Chairman, U.S. Service Academy Selection Committee, 42nd Congressional District

-- Member, RCTC Projects and Programs Committee

Mann has served on the following in the past:

-- Board of Directors, Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG), 2008-2010

-- Chairman of the Board, Quail Valley Environmental Coalition, 2009-2013 (Founding Director)

-- Southwest California Legislative Council, 2010-2011

-- Committee Member, U.S. Service Academy Selection Committee, 49th Congressional District, 2008-2012

"As mayor or council member, candidates sometimes don't realize the significant role they will play in regional decisions that affect Menifee," Mann said. "For some, it can be overwhelming to the newcomer. I've really enjoyed representing Menifee in this manner!"

Mann, who is running for re-election in November, said local government can play an important role in solving some of the complex problems residents face throughout the Valley.

"Local government plays a significant role with complex regional issues by having elected leadership service on regional boards and commissions such as the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), Riverside Transit Authority (RTA), and the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG)," he said. "The regional entities jointly implement strategic solutions in the areas of transportation, infrastructure construction, education, health care, water and environmental issues."

At the same time, Mann has the economic health of the city in mind.

"Sound, long-range economic development planning is the key," he said. "While both Washington and Sacramento struggle to get out of the way and out of the lives of every American, cities like Menifee can incentivize and stimulate their own local economies and grow the tax base."

Regional issues Mann has established as priorities include:

-- I-215 Central Phase completion
-- Re-alignment of Highway 74 along Ethanac Road corridor
-- Connecting east/west routes from Highway 79 wes