Edgerton Denies Rumors He Will Run for Mayor of Menifee

Correction: This update includes the corrected quote from Scott Mann, which he said was read from a ...

Correction: This update includes the corrected quote from Scott Mann, which he said was read from a prepared statement.

Judging from the following comments made at Wednesday night's Menifee City Council meeting, one might think there's a power struggle being waged between Mayor Scott Mann and Deputy Mayor Wallace Edgerton.

Mann: "Wally, the City of Menifee is not going to be governed or managed through your living room with fireside or poolside chats."

Edgerton: "Mr. Mayor, you are the mayor, not the king."

There was much more to the debate -- see our story here. Mann's comment was made in defending his right as mayor to run the council meeting; Edgerton's comment moments later was in response to being cut off.

Even so, it begged the question that has been the subject of rumors around town:

Is Edgerton going to run for mayor in November?

There are two days remaining in the filing period for candidates. Although he has two years remaining on his four-year term as a council member, Edgerton (above left) has the right to run for the two-year, at-large position of mayor -- for which Mann and at least one other candidate have qualified to run Nov. 4.

Yet after Wednesday night's council meeting, Edgerton emphatically said he would not file papers to run for mayor.

"You can take that to the bank," he told Menifee 24/7.

Edgerton has served in city politics for decades, dating back to his years on the Long Beach City Council. As the top vote recipient in Menifee's first city council election in 2008, he was named the first mayor, before a change in the voting structure created the mayor's position as an at-large office that is voted on separately.

As of Thursday morning, Mann and Menifee resident Paul Wiggins have qualified to appear on the November ballot to run for mayor. John Green, John Smith and George Rackstraw also pulled papers, but none have returned them so far. The deadline is this Friday, Aug. 8.


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