Protestors at Murrieta Border Patrol Station Turn Back Buses

Hundreds of protestors blocked the path of buses full of undocumented immigrants outside the en...

Hundreds of protestors blocked the path of buses full of undocumented immigrants outside the entrance to the U.S. Border patrol station in Murrieta today, forcing the buses to turn around and head for an undisclosed location.

A Border Patrol official said it was unclear whether the buses would make another attempt to enter the facility, where 140 immigrants -- many of them children -- were scheduled to be processed. The immigrants crossed over the U.S. border into Texas and have been sent here for processing.

For the time being, it appeared the many local residents carrying signs and chanting "USA" and "Impeach Obama" were successful in preventing immigration officials from processing the Central American refugees at the Murrieta station.

"We will never surrender America," said Raymond Herrera of the "We the People" group, addressing the gathering of protestors over a loudspeaker after the buses left the area.

Protestors began gathering on Madison Street across from the Border Patrol station entrance early in the morning. They were met by almost as many media members as Murrieta police tried to keep the street clear for residents. At about 2 p.m., a helicopter overhead signaled the arrival of buses carrying the immigrants.

After originally turning onto a side street several hundred yards short of the facility, the buses returned and tried to reach the station entrance. They were blocked by the protestors, who stood in front of the stopped buses in a standoff that lasted more than 20 minutes.

Finally, after several confrontations between protestors and others defending the rights of the immigrants, police officers donned riot gear and began to form a line in front of the buses. Soon thereafter, the buses backed up, turned around the left the area.

An official at the Murrieta Border Patrol station admitted the facility would be overwhelmed and an uncomfortable place for the immigrants during the three days or so it would take to process all of them, if indeed they ended up there.