Palmer, Daughters Enjoy Benefits of Children's Dental Practice

Advertorial content: Jared Palmer and his daughters: Aubrey, 13; Natalie, 10, and Addison, 6. ...

Advertorial content:

Jared Palmer and his daughters: Aubrey, 13; Natalie, 10, and Addison, 6.
Jared Palmer remembers the pain of those visits to the dentist a few years ago -- even though he was not in the dentist's chair at the time.

"I saw and heard how painful it can be to have adult dental care on a little kid," said Palmer, a single father living in Menifee with his three daughters. "The dentist would tell them, 'I promise you won't feel anything; I numbed your mouth,' while the kid is screaming and crying.

"I remember when Aubrey was 7 or 8 years old, she had to have several teeth pulled. The dentist would say, 'It's better if you stay in the reception area.' As a parent, hearing your child screaming in the back room is traumatizing."

It wasn't too pleasant for the child, either. But today, Palmer is glad those are distant memories for he and his daughters: Aubrey, 13; Natalie, 10; and Addison, 6. Because since 2010, they have been patients of Dr. Ruth Bol at The Children's Dental Practice in Menifee.

Dr. Bol uses sedation to put the patient into a light sleep during the procedure so it is calming and virtually painless. Palmer said the care his daughters receives at Dr. Bol's Menifee dental practice is 100 percent better than what they received before.

"They love the experience," Palmer said. "The girls have never had a bad experience at The Children's Dental Practice. They actually look forward to getting their teeth wiggled instead of what happened before.

"The sedation -- that's it in a nutshell. My girls have small mouths, so they have to have teeth pulled to make space. When they leave after the procedure, they don't remember anything. And they love Deogy."

That would be Dr. Bol's little Pug dog, which sits on the lap of the patients and helps them feel loved and calm.

"They have such a calming influence there," said Palmer. "They're very up front and explain everything to the children. They say, 'You're going to sleep' and they give you a blanket, have you watch a cartoon and put a dog on your lap. It's all good."

Palmer has experienced first-hand the dental benefits as well. He has visited Dr. Bol's "Kalm, the Dental Oasis" portion of the practice, where adults can receive treatments to help alleviate pain such as migraine headaches and dental-related problems.

"I have TMJ. My mouth was always clicking and I had pain in the back of my jaw," Palmer said. "She used Botox to relax the muscles. My first visit, it was two quick pricks with the needle. Soon my jaw felt tremendously better.