Menifee 24/7 Reader Poll 31: Which Shopping Center?

As Menifee continues to grow, the need for more shopping centers -- especially one including a gro...

As Menifee continues to grow, the need for more shopping centers -- especially one including a grocery store -- increases. Some sites have been approved and others have only been discussed. Please take part in our survey and tell us which of these three options you would most like to see become a reality.

Check back often for updated results. We will also include some of your comments as we update the results.

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And here's a sampling of the comments we've received:

Walmart at Scott and Haun will cause immense traffic congestion and should not be built until freeway projects are completed at both Scott and Newport.

Stater Bros. will cut down on traffic going west to Antelope and over the Newport bridge.
No Walmart. It brings trash into the city. Keep Menifee classy!

Please no Walmart in Menifee. Our crime rate is already on the rise due to very little law enforcement. We have to cover all of the square mileage in the city. Menifee will literally be the next Perris and Hemet because the crime rate will soar if a Walmart is built here. It will attract transient people and bad elements. Corporations don't care about how it will affect the quality of life for Menifee residents in any way whatsoever.

(A center at McCall and Menifee Road) is much needed, especially now with all the new homes and open road. There is not much around us other than the old Sun City stores near us. It would be nice not to have to drive to Newport Road just to shop. Sun City near McCall needs a change and needs to continue to grow!

Walmart as an anchor will bring in many other businesses to the Scott Road area. But if somebody doesn't do something about widening Scott Road, it may be all for nothing.

No Walmart ever.

Leave McCall and Menifee Road alone!

Walmart is going to make too much traffic! They need to pay for road upgrades.

None. We need the center at Sun City and Cherry Hills. It is a dump. We are here too. Help this area first and that will increase business tremendously.

We need businesses on the other side of the bridge where Menifee Lakes is at. This will prevent congestion on Newport Road.