At Texas Roadhouse It’s All About The Meat

Advertorial Supplement: It’s no secret that Texas Roadhouse is known nationwide for their exper...

Advertorial Supplement:

It’s no secret that Texas Roadhouse is known nationwide for their expertly prepared steaks and other cuts of meat. Texas Roadhouse offers 10 different cuts of steak so can order up the one that excites your taste buds the most. Steaks are hand cut daily so not only is it super fresh, but also prepared to order for the perfect meal every time.

"We want you to think it's the best steak you've ever had, until the next one you order."

USDA Choice Sirloin: This steak grills beautifully. It is a leaner cut with less fat but is packed with flavor.

New York Strip: The New York strip steak is also referred to as the Kansas City strip and is arguably the most popular steak for grilling because of its balance of tenderness and leanness, oh and it has a ton of flavor too.

Ft. Worth Ribeye: Deemed America’s favorite steak, the Ft. Worth ribeye is tender and marbled with fat making it incredibly flavorful.

Bone-In Ribeye: This juicy cut of steak is slow cooked to perfection with the flavor-enhancing bone left in.

Porterhouse T-bone: In this legendary cut the filet and New York strip are served together for one giant 23 ounce steak!

Dallas Filet: This cut comes from the tenderloin which you can tell by the name is the most tender and one of the leanest sections of meat available.

Filet Medallions: This is the best of the best. These steaks are taken from the forward end of the tenderloin which is considered the best part of the best section of meat. Juicy in flavor and velvety in texture this cut is certainly fit for a king.

Road Kill: This 10 ounce chop steak is a classic and comes smothered in mushrooms, onions, and jack cheese.

Prime Rib: This cut is extremely tender with an abundance of marbling.

Steak Kabob: These marinated, tender steak medallions are made for the grill and cooked alongside onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, red and green peppers, and served a top a heap of rice.

So, what’s your favorite cut of steak?

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