Provecho Grill Always Innovating; New Summer Menu Items

Advertorial Supplement: There is never a quiet moment in the Provecho Grill test kitchen. There ...

Advertorial Supplement:

There is never a quiet moment in the Provecho Grill test kitchen. There are always new flavors to explore and creative menu offerings to invent. Since the very start Provecho Grill has kept their customers continually entertained with new items and seasonal items to enjoy.

This summer Provecho Grill is yet again, proud to offer a mouth watering menu of seafood inspired options. Provecho has worked diligently to focus on sustainable seafood for these new dishes and is proud to feature some new menu favorites. Try their wild caught salmon tacos, topped with a homemade cilantro sauce and mango salsa this tasty option is both summer inspired and healthy.

Try their new shrimp fiesta salad loaded with fresh, sustainable shrimp, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, olives, onions, and topped with tortilla chips, cilantro dressing, and Mexican enchilado cheese.

For a new take on last season’s menu favorite, order up the all new Chuletas de Cerdo from the Yucatan region of Mexion. Thin cut pork chops served with Cajun jalapeno sausage are a light summer take on a classically delicious and well loved entrĂ©e option.\

Named in the Top 50 Best Restaurants for Tacos in the Inland Empire, Provecho offers up a new taco each and every week. From seared ahi and yellow tail tuna to yummy pork belly tacos, discover a new and exciting favorite each week at your neighborhood Mexican grill.

Their new summer menu is set to offer healthier, more sustainable options including clams, mussels, and yellow tail tuna yet maintain the same level of flavor and Provecho excellence customers have come to love.

In addition to awesome entrees, Provecho Grill continues to expand their offerings and now proudly features a full bar. Try a 16-ounce classic margarita for only $4.00, daily during happy hour between 3 and 6 p.m. Or cool off the summer with a fresh and fruity watermelon margarita.