Kalm, The Dental Oasis Adds Hormone Therapy to its Services

Advertorial supplement: The benefits of hormone replacement therapy as treatment for a variety ...

Advertorial supplement:

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy as treatment for a variety of health problems is receiving increased attention through the success of medical clinics across the country.

One local health professional is expanding her services to include this treatment for patients in Menifee.

Dr. Ruth Bol built her reputation through successful dental treatment of children with The Children’s Dental Practice, which she owns and operates at 27180 Newport Road in Menifee. Recognizing the medical needs of the parents of her patients, she eventually expanded her practice to include Kalm, The Dental Oasis – a wellness center specializing in body contouring, laser hair removal and Botox therapy.

Soon, Dr. Bol’s expanded services will include treatment by a new MD on staff to enhance the health of adult patients through hormone therapy.

"It’s not just about teeth anymore," said Dr. Bol about her desire to help patients of all ages in a variety of ways.

Dr. Bol points to success stories of those such as actress Molly Sims, who became concerned about her health when she couldn’t lose the 72 pounds she gained during pregnancy, despite vigorous workouts. Eventually, Sims was diagnosed with thyroiditis, an inflammation of the thyroid gland. After taking medication to regulate her hormones, her health and lifestyle improved dramatically.

Medical experts, including Dr. Bol, believe many age-related symptoms are due to a hormone imbalance. After age 35, hormone levels decline due to aging and stress. Symptoms can include fatigue, anxiety, increased stress and pain.

Dr. Bol has seen the positive effects of medication administered by a qualified physician. She plans to make that same kind of service available to patients locally. Benefits, she says, include increased energy, elimination of pain and reduced stress.

This kind of treatment will be added to other services provided by Kalm the Dental Oasis, which will continue to expand its services.

"We started by trying to accommodate the parents of our dental patients," Dr. Bol said. "We’re helping them learn ways to become healthy in all aspects of their life."

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