Corporate Massage Comes to Menifee

Hosting a corporate massage day in the workplace is quickly becoming a popular way to boost staff mo...

Hosting a corporate massage day in the workplace is quickly becoming a popular way to boost staff morale. Employers such as law offices, hospitals, and schools are now bringing in massage therapists just for the afternoon to help workers relax and refocus.

Employers in Menifee now have an option.

Event Massage Services, a corporate massage firm based in Temecula, was recently hired to host a massage day for the staff of Loma Linda University Medical Center in Murrieta.

“Since we are in the business of healing the whole person, it’s only fitting to extend a special treatment to those who deserve it the most… our entire staff.” said Bonnie C. Weeks, director of volunteer services at Loma Linda. “It’s an excellent way to say ‘thank you’ for the long hours they put in.”

Boosting staff morale requires continuous creativity. Motivational posters, the occasional praise and the annual Christmas Party don’t always do the trick. Business owners are constantly looking for new ways to keep their workers enthusiastic.

“Employees see it as an oasis of relaxation in their workday”, explains Andy Betts, president of Event Massage Services. “It’s a quick, cost effective way to improve morale and productivity”.

Angela Higley, a journalist for Employment Times, says employee massage programs are on the rise. “The number of organizations that offer massage therapy to lower stress and improve productivity is growing every year. A workplace massage therapy program helps increase job satisfaction and creates a caring environment that employees really appreciate.”

Event Massage Services is now busy putting chairs inside Menifee businesses.

“Our massage therapists hold all licenses and certifications, and are briefed to the client’s exact needs”, Betts says of his company. “Each massage lasts anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, and the employee walks away refreshed and rejuvenated.”

And it’s actually healthier than buying pizza for the entire staff.

“Corporate massages are designed to reduce stress, relieve tension, and increase blood flow to the brain”, Betts went on to add. “This translates to improved performance, alertness and acuity.”