Menifee PD Arrests 17 Offenders in Outstanding DUI Cases

Menifee Police officers Saturday served 25 arrest warrants and arrested 17 offenders who missed court dates or violated terms of their parole related to DUI cases, according to a news release.

Several of those arrested and booked into the Southwest Detention Center had multiple arrest warrants for DUI, according to police.

"The best bet for anyone with a missed DUI court date is go to court on their own now, or walk into the police station to be cited and released with a new court date," said Sgt. Strang of the Menifee Police Department. "If you don’t, that warrant isn’t going away. We're going to come find you and take you to jail."

Prior to this DUI warrant sweep, 700 letters were mailed to offenders notifying them of their active arrest warrant and a resolution that would not involve jail time. A total of 161 offenders responded by walking into the police station, where they were cited and released with a new court date.

Those caught often face additional jail time for failing to appear in court or for violating probation.

Special DUI Warrant Service Operations along with regularly scheduled "High Visibility’ DUI enforcement has a deterrent effect on those who disregard driving safety and abuse alcohol and drugs, police said. Menifee PD places a high priority on lowering deaths and injury with the goal of removing impaired drivers and heightening awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.


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