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Advertorial Supplement: A bicycle is so much more than two wheels and a frame. It provides fun and...

Advertorial Supplement:

A bicycle is so much more than two wheels and a frame. It provides fun and entertainment and offers a way to exercise, enjoy, and even compete. Whether you like a leisurely ride around the block or a thrill-seeking trek in the mountains, Menifee Bicycles is your go-to bike shop for every different style of bicycle.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes offer a light and sturdy frame, with broad deep-treaded tires for traction and multiple gears for control. These bikes are great for rugged terrain and off-road riding. Check out Menifee Bicycle’s most popular brands including Diamondback, Giant, Haro, Raleigh, and Turner.

Beach Cruisers

Beach cruisers are the ultimate summer accessories. Featuring balloon tires, an upright seating position, a single speed, and straightforward steel construction this bike is all about style. They are more heavy weight than other bicycles and are indeed meant for cruising. If you are looking to add a beach cruiser to your summer fun, check out Diamondback, Electra, Giant, Haro, Nirve, and Sun styles.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are built for endurance and best suited for riding on paved roads. They usually offer narrow, smoother tires and are lightweight, sometimes featuring gears, but can also be single speed or fixed gear. Check out Diamondback, Giant, Raleigh, Masi, and Waterford at Menifee Bicycles.

BMX Bikes

The BMX bicycle is designed for dirt and motocross cycling but is also commonly used for casual riding as well. BMX stand for Bicycle Motocross and is a popular cycle sport both competitively and freestyle. Menifee Bicycles stocks Fit, Haro, Redline, S and M, and We the People, to name a few.

Children’s Bikes

Family owned and operated Menifee Bicycles is not surprisingly, all about family. Which is why they stock bicycles for every size rider. From tiny two wheelers with training wheels to children’s bikes, and family bicycles they have something for everyone in the family. Enjoy brands like Diamondback, Electra, Giant, Nirve, and Sun.

Find your riding style at Menifee Bicycles.

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