Conaways Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle at Children's Dental Practice

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Julie and Jason Conaway and their three children: Kimberly, Drew and Jaylee.
Jason and Julie Conaway of Menifee have always been health conscious. They work out, watch their diet and try to pass those healthy habits onto their three children.

Thus when the Conaways met Dr. Ruth Bol at a local health club, they soon realized they had met someone just as health conscious as themselves. Ultimately, that has benefitted their children.

All three of the young Conaways -- Jaylee, 9; Kimberly, 7; and Drew, 5 -- are patients of Dr. Bol at The Children's Dental Practice in Menifee. While receiving quality dental care, they are learning about good health practices and are having fun, too.

"It's always a pleasant experience there," Julie Conaway said about the visits to CDP with her children. "It's a very friendly, professional atmosphere. And the kids love the aspect of the dog."

That would be Deogy, Dr. Bol's "distraction coordinator." She sits alongside the young patients and provides valuable "support" while the children are treated.

Jason Conaway also is a fan of The Children's Dental Practice. He appreciates Dr. Bol's emphasis on good diet in influencing dental health. He has been very conscious of the need for a healthy lifestyle since he was diagnosed with diabetes and hypothyroidism.

"I picked up a book about veganism," he said. "I tried it and made a miraculous turnaround. It saved my life. Now I try to get my family to eat like I do."

The Conaways have green smoothies in the morning. They eat meals rich in vegetables and the children learn about the impact of healthy foods on their bodies -- including their teeth.

"Now the kids connect more with where their food comes from," Jason Conaway said. "One of our daughters has joined forces with me on this. Now she realizes she would be eating an actual cow or a chicken. She says, 'I don't want to eat an animal.'

"In an airplane, you must put the oxygen mask on first before helping others put on their oxygen mask. That's how we look at parents helping their children learn a helahty lifestyle."

Dr. Bol says this shows how the Conaways set a positive example for their children regarding health care.

"That is a very powerful statement that we must be healthy and well ourselves to be able to provide for our families," she said. "This is just one way of healthy eating. There are many other good healthy eating lifestyles."

The Conaways believe their children get the perfect reinforcement of their healthy lifestyle in the visits of their children to The Children's Dental Practice, where they have been patients for two years.

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