City Reminds Residents of Rules Regarding Weed Abatement

News release from the City of Menifee:

Fire season is approaching and the City of Menifee is asking property owners, especially those of vacant lots, to remove wild brush, weeds and any junk, trash or debris located on the property. The process of maintaining land and keeping vegetation to a minimum is known as weed abatement. Weed abatement is critical in preventing the start and fueling of wild land fires.

Menifee property owners are required to cut down and remove hazardous vegetation by May 31, 2014. Owners who do not maintain wild brush and weeds on their property will be notified and if not corrected, the City will then remove the hazardous materials, charging land owners an administrative fee of $126 per parcel, in addition to the cost of removal services.

Weed abatement requirements are as follows:

-- The parcel must have weeds cut and maintained as noted below AND be free of rubbish/trash or debris at all times.

-- Land owners must keep clear a 100-foot wide strip adjacent to a land parcel with a structure.

-- Land owners must keep clear a 100-foot wide strip adjacent to roadways.

Land owners may meet abatement requirements by discing (tilling), mowing, handwork or brush cutting wild brush and weeds, and then removing cut vegetation.

"Keeping Menifee residents safe is a top priority. Properties that have overgrown vegetation create an increased danger for our entire community," said City Manager Rob Johnson. "With drought conditions and warmer weather, overgrown vegetation can become fuel for serious high risk fires."

Properties which have overgrown, dead, dry, decayed, diseased or overgrown trees, weeds or brush not only pose a serious fire risk, but they also deter from an attractive environment for residents, and businesses in Menifee. For more information on Menifee’s weed abatement policy, visit the city’s website section on weed abatement.


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