Additional Testing Conducted Regarding Menifee Lake Fish Kill

Large dead fish float throughout the south end of Menifee Lake, which is the subject of testing to determine the cause of the fish kill.
Dead fish continue to float on the surface of Menifee Lake today, as lake management officials await test results of the lake water and fish carcasses that are being found in great numbers.

Additional tests have been ordered, according to a source who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak on specifics of the situation. According to this source, the Menifee Lakes Master Association will release a statement only after all test results are in.

Maintenance workers have continued the clean-up of dead fish, which has numbered in the thousands over the last six days. The greatest indication of fish kill this morning was a number of large fish floating on the south end of the lake, near the gazebo on La Piedra Road.

Three television news crews joined Menifee 24/7 at that end of the lake this morning as residents continued to stare in frustration at the lake conditions. Those residents continue to speculate about the reasons for the fish kill, but all that remains just rumor while the investigation continues.

Menifee 24/7 will update this story as soon as more information is available.

Although not in large groups as they were Thursday, dead fish continue to float to the surface of Menifee Lake.


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